“We started using GDV Bio-Well device at the Rugby Junior Championship and found correlation with real athletes’ condition as more than 80%. It is very high correlation. Line “stress”-“energy” works very well, in particular players with high stress level make more mistakes during the game. Method is very fast and the program is convenient.”

– Vladislav Turin | Russia Junior Team Rugby Coach

“We are using GDV Bio-Well device in our research and practice and found it very useful and well-constructed device. We recommend it to all our customers.”

– Wadim Säidow | Director at Institut für Elektrophotonik

“GDV Bio-Well is an excellent instrument both for professionals and for the non-experienced users. This is a next level of the GDV technique development.”

– Lutz Rabe | Institute for Bioelectrophotonics

“I am using Bio-Well and I see its great potential for health control at the individual and corporate level. We plan to make this device known and be presented at many exhibitions.”

– Shinji Maeba | REIMEI Corporation

“This is an excellent instrument, very convenient, user-friendly and informative. I am using it both in the institute and in my travels and find it very accurate and reliable.”

– P. Krishna Madappa | President & Co-Founder: Institute for Science, Spirituality and Sustainability

“The “GDV Bio-Well” computer appliance used in the study yields a sufficiently accurate estimation of the parameters of the psychophysiological state of athletes. Through investigating the fluorescent fingertip images, which dynamically change with emotional and health states, one can identify areas of congestion of health in the whole system. “GDV Bio-Well” computer appliance enables prompt monitoring of the process of adaptation to the high athletes during the pre-competition and competition periods and timely implementation of the necessary corrective measures.”

– Irina Gromova | Head Coach of the Skiing and Biathlon Paralympic Team of Russia



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