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IUMAB Library – books, texts, videos and images about:

Bioelectrography, Electrophotonic Imaging, Gas Discharge Visualisation, Kirliangraphy, Kirlian Photography, Electrophotography, GDV, EPC, EPI, etc

IUMAB LibraryIUMAB Library
Consciousness Research, The Biointernet, Human Light System, Emotions, Yoga and Meditation, New Psychology, Intuitive Information Sight, Distant Influence and more on IUMAB Library

Newton Milhomens books

Newton Milhomens books

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Dr. Piter Mandel, Prof. Newton Milhomens, Dr. Thelma Moss, Semyon Kirlian, Dr. Krishna Madappa, Dr. Stanley Krippner, Professor Pavel Bundzen and other researchers, inventors and scientists on IUMAB Library

The Biointernet Series The Biointernet Series

Books, Longreads, Images Collections, Movies, Art Projects and more on IUMAB Library

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Human Light System Series

Part One. The Healer. Trailer.

Semyon Kirlian’s book

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