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GENERAL Q: When will Bio-Well be available for purchase? A: Bio-Well is available now. Click here to purchase a device. Q: How do I place an order? A: You can order on Bio-Well online store or contact with Distributor. Q: What is your privacy policy? A: You can view our Privacy Policy here.

Human Light System course for GDV Bio...

Human Light System course for GDV BioWell users

Welcome to Human Light System Course! Human Light System course for GDV BioWell users. Experimental online/offline course. Part one – February – June 2015. Human Light System. This is Research project, established by IUMAB at 2012. About the project: Human Light System About experimental online-offline course: Human Light System Course Human Light System Forum



GDV BioWell+Accessory pack+GDV SPUTNIK+Translighter BLAGA (free) save $195 GDVCAMERA BIO-WELL by Dr. KOROTKOV – Revolutionary Instrument to reveal Energy Fields of Human and Nature

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BioWell by Dr. Korotkov – Human Energy Field Measurement

IUMAB Membership

IUMAB Membership

IUMAB Membership

Human Light System International Workshop


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GDV price-list

Bio-Well price-list: GDV BIO-WELL – 1399 $ GDV SPUTNIK – 349$ HUMAN LIGHT SYSTEM COURSE - $1000  Human Light System Course – experimental online-offline Course for Bio-Well users GDV Biocor - $ 599

GDV Sputnik

GDV Sputnik



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