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GDV Bio-Well – $999

GDV Bio-Well – $999

GDVCAMERA BIO-WELL – $999 Special Price for GDV Bio-Well seminar participants Save Time – Buy Online! Contact: Welcome to Prague!

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BioWell by Dr. Korotkov – Human Energy Field Measurement

Instruction for GDVCAMERA MICRO

GDV Korotkov

A-SCAN.PDF Interpretation of the picture, diagnostics aura Interpretation of the image based on knowledge of classical medicine for diagnostic evaluation of the physical condition of a body of knowledge about Oriental Medicine 22 meridians passing through the tips of the fingers, knowledge of psychological and psychosomatic causal karmic connections.

IUMAB Membership

IUMAB Membership

IUMAB Membership

Human Light System International Workshop


GDV planet - eco planet devices

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Bio-Well price-list: GDV BIO-WELL – 1399 $ GDV SPUTNIK – 349$ HUMAN LIGHT SYSTEM COURSE - $1000  Human Light System Course – experimental online-offline Course for Bio-Well users GDV Biocor - $ 599

GDV Sputnik

GDV Sputnik



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EPI for BioWell by Korotkov

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GDV Bio-Well Software by Dr. Korotkov