GDV BioWell+Accessory pack+GDV SPUTNIK+Translighter BLAGA (free) save $195 GDVCAMERA BIO-WELL by Dr. KOROTKOV – Revolutionary Instrument to reveal Energy Fields of Human and Nature

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GDVCAMERA BIO-WELL wurde von Dr. Konstantin Korotkov entwickelt und bringt die leistungsstarke Technologie als Gas Discharge Visualization Technik, um in einer Weise zugänglich zu vermarkten als bisher bekannt.

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IUMAB choice – save 160 $ BIO-WELL + GDV SPUTNIK+ IUMAB Membership GDVCAMERA BIO-WELL + GDV SPUTNIK + IUMAB Membership Human BioField and Environmental Research You will have all devices for Calibration, Human and …

Instruction for GDVCAMERA MICRO

A-SCAN.PDF Interpretation of the picture, diagnostics aura Interpretation of the image based on knowledge of classical medicine for diagnostic evaluation of the physical condition of a body of knowledge about …

GDV Camera Micro, How to use

Components of the device: The device itself, three electrode plates, two bottles of toner (you can buy an extra bottle or you can use toner for printers), cable to connect the …