BIO-WELL promotion



First 100 clients will receive presents from IUMAB.
If you already paid or you will pay on this week you’ll have valuable gift from Korotkov company and present from IUMAB.
Thank you and sorry for delay with delivery.
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BIO-WELL distribution

Dear Friends,

If you want to be a Distributor (Reseller) of GDV techniques, or you have order for several devices, please mail to or download files from this page. We will send you invoice with discount.

We have special price for Schools and Universities.

Light and Love!

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sputnik-2GDV SPUTNIK

GDV Sputnik is a sensor and attachment system that affixes to the Bio-Well device, allowing for the energy of an environment to be read. For example, test the energy of a room before, during and after you meditate to see how energy levels change. Also includes attachments to calibrate your device.

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accessory-packGDV ACCESSORY PACK

The Bio-Well Accessory pack contains attachments needed to calibrate your device. It also contains the BioClip wristband, which allows the user to take readings on the affects of external objects on one’s energy state. For example, test how jewelry or crystals effect the energy state.

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GDV BIO-WELL user manual



The Bio-Well qiuck-start guide and product manuals contain important information needed to use your device, set up the attachments and navigate the software. Continue reading

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GDV SOFTWARE 2014 subscriptions

In order to use your Bio-Well device, you also need an accompanying subscription. Why?While the Bio-Well device captures the scan images, the subscription is the bread and butter of the system. It allows access to our complex algorithm that transforms your scan images into truly meaningful results. Continue reading

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