Bio-Well Reviews

Bio-Well and VivAlign Reviews

Dear friends, we would like to hear your opinion about GDVCAMERA Bio-Well 1.0Bio-Well 2.0 and VivAlign models. You may speak in your own language. Text, Audio, Video or what ever you want 🙂

GDVCAMERA Bio-Well impressions, your suggestions about Bio-Well, problems with Bio-Well and more. Please leave your comment here.


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13 thoughts on “Bio-Well Reviews”

  1. I have some strange issue with Bio-Well: “before” is OK, but after short psychological training i see the same images (hyperfunction) for all participants. May be, my measurements wrong?
    Thank you, Martin

  2. Bio–Well company consciously decrease quality of GDV (EPI, Bio–Well, Korotkov’s, etc) images, for the biggest commercial profit.
    Is it true?


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