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IUMAB, International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography is a worldwide community of professional, student and academic individuals who are exploring alternative worldview and provided by conventional science in Bioelectrography

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IUMAB is committed to offering solid support to our cutting-edge field.
IUMAB membership is a tremendous value that provides a significant return on your investment.

Access to personal growth opportunities.

Join a community of scientists and practitioners locally and around the world.
Develop capacities for changing yourself and others.
Create a more fulfilling work life with the encouragement of the amazing and inspiring people you meet through IUMAB.
Present at webinars (tele-classes) or at breakout sessions and workshops at IUMAB conferences.
Participate in humanitarian aid projects and research initiatives.

Enhancements to your practice.

Membership discount on conference registration fees.
Subscription to our newsletter, eBooks, and e-news bulletins.
Membership listing on the IUMAB website to build referrals.
IUMAB website calendar listings of your workshops and events.
Access to educational materials, including prepared presentations to support you when you are called on to speak to audiences in your community.
Tele-class participation with bioelectrography developers and leaders in the field.
Information on successful models of business development.
Resources to improve the functioning of your patients or clients, limiting their need for medications.

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Membership discount on IUMAB congress
Membership discount on IUMAB seminars
Membership discount on IUMAB webinars
Membership discount on IUMAB store
FREE access to INFORMATION area in IUMAB web store

As a member you may publish articles on IUMAB websites, present products in IUMAB store (for Affiliate Members only), may join the online discussion groups and may submit articles to the IUMAB Review, and so contribute to the dialogue and to the open exploration of new ideas and new paradigms for the 21st century.

Types of IUMAB Membership

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Use this option for information support of IUMAB and engage in IUMAB activity

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Use this sign up option if you are making a donation and do not want to become an active member of IUMAB. Use this link (PayPal link) to Support our Research.

Regular IUMAB Member – Become a Member!

180 EUR per year – Licensed IUMAB Member engaged in IUMAB activity with Member’s Benefits.

FREE access to the Information area in the IUMAB website with ALL eBooks, Abstracts, videos, Human Light System Online Course 1.0 and HLS 2.0.

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