Bio-Well training

Bio-Well training

Dear BIO-WELL users, with your device you will have 2 hours

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How the training looks like and what it includes:

To ensure that the training is interactive, it will take place in form of online conference/call. The training will be in English (alternatively in German or Slovak) and in this session we will explain the basics of using the

Bio-Well device:

– connecting the device
– creating an account
– using the software
– conducting scans
– calibration

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Bio-Well Analysis with Dr. Dvoryanchikov

Bio-Well Analysis with Dr. Dvoryanchikov
Bio-Well Analysis with Dr. Dvoryanchikov



Health state of a person – overall functional (energetic) state of a person and functional (energetic) state of systems and organs, plus psycho-emotional balance, taken at a specific moment in time.

Assessment of health state – conclusions about functional and psycho-emotional state made by a EPI/GDV specialist basing on the EPI-images (GDV grams – GDV images).

Electro-Photonic Imaging or Gas Discharge Visualization (EPI/GDV) method is an expert system. It doesn’t give any conclusions or diagnosis. It gives only numerical values of parameters and visual content that can be interpreted by a specially trained expert (specialist).

Any conclusions and diagnosis can be made only by an authorized expert.

Maximum effective use of EPI/GDV method can be obtained in the field of express-assessment of functional and psycho-emotional state of a practically healthy person.

It is not intended for diagnosis of illnesses and diseases.

It is very efficient in depicting functionally weakest points in an organism that can be considered for further deeper analysis with medical methods.

GDVCAMERA by Dr. Korotkov Forum


1. To conduct a proper express-analysis with the use of EPI/GDV system specialist should use Methodology guide “Bio-Well client examination”.

2. After making a full test of a person specialist should follow the following steps:
2.1. Collect as much data – parameter’s values – as possible.
2.2. Notice the most suspicious sectors on fingers that should be studied further in more details. 2.3. Use the “Basic Interpretation of Bio-Well data” in order to understand the parameters.
2.4. Use the “Types of EPI/GDV images” manual in order to make visual assessment and more
detailed analysis.

Main principles of working with the Bio-Well device

a. Using the manuals and standard instructions. Overview.

b. Preparing the device: Cleaning the electrode. How often?

c. Preparing the device: Calibration procedure: How to do? How often to repeat?
Main sense of calibration. PRACTICE

d. Preparing the client: How to capture human ngers correctly. Fingers
positioning. Wet/hot ngers. What to ask person before scanning ngertips?
Medical precautions. Long nails issue.

e. Scanning a person: standard procedure. PRACTICE

f. Measurements with lter. PRACTICE

  • Working with Bio-Well software a. How to install the software update? b. Online and of line mode of capturing data. Uploading online captures.
    PRACTICE c. Software interface – function of each available button. d. Different regimes of capturing data – Full Scan, After Scan, Stress Test,
    Environment mode, Meditation mode. e. Working with your database of clients and experiments: main rules and
  • f. Data exchange in Bio-Well. PRACTICE g. BioCor functions and Chakra’s music. h. Comparing the scans. PRACTICE i. Practical demonstration of each mode of measurement (with all types of
  • The Biointernet Meditation – online EXPERIMENT WITH GDV SPUTNIK and bio-well The Biointernet Meditation – Online Global Experiment Bio-Well by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov .. $0.00 Ex Tax: $0.00  Basic interpretation of the obtained data: Step-By-Step a. Tab-By-Tab analysis: from integral parameters to sector structural analysis. b. Main problematic sectors on ngers of the modern people. c. What to comment and not comment to a patient. d. Functional analysis of the data: possible conclusions. e. Psychosomatic approach: Chakra’s interpretation.


Advanced training in EPI technique II degreeMain principles of understanding Bio-Well information: 4 branches of a tree.Two approaches to the processing of EPI-grams of fingers: parametric and sector analysis.

Main parameters of EPI-grams:
– geometrical parameters;
– spectral parameters (notion of brightness spectrum and its connection with the wave spectrum);
– density parameters;
– fractal-entropy parameters (notion of fractality and entropy)
– Brief discussion of all other parameters.Sector analysis according to the finger analysis tables of Mandel-Korotkov.Discussion of examples – all the workshop is presented with clinical examples of different situa- tions, which allow to understand the principles of the Bio-Well analysis.Difference between EPI-grams of healthy and unhealthy people. Statistical data. Evaluation of general state of health from the Energy Reserve diagram.Dynamic EPI-graphy.

What is an AVI file and how to process it? Time curves. Dispersion of data. Spec- tral analysis. Main frequencies. Dependence on the speed of EPI recording. Technical restrictions on com- puter memory.Right-left correlations for the analysis of mental processes and physiological functions.Application of plastic filters for the division of activity of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system by analogy with taking EPI-grams of fingers in a thin glove.

Application of optical filters by the exam- ple of research on the EPI-graphy of microbiological cultures. Recording of test-subject with a plastic filter. 10. Dependence of EPI-grams on the emotional state. Stress-Anxiety index. Physical and mental field.Stability and reproducibility of EPI-graphy. Stability of EPI-grams of test-subject. Stability of Chakras program. Second recording of EPI-images of healthy and unhealthy people. Reproducibility of data and bio- logical rhythms. Influence of external conditions.
Appendix (depending on time and interest of the group)

EPI in medicine. Express analysis of functional energy homeostasis of systems and organs. Monitor- ing of the state of patient and individual reaction to the influence. Fundamental correlates with ECG, EEG, physiological parameters. Investigation of surgical patients in the Medical Academy. Correlation between EPI and classical measurements.

EPI in the Consciousness study. Complex bioelectrographic analysis of the Altered States of Con- sciousness (ASC) basing on works by P. Bundzen – K. Korotkov. Technique of testing extrasensory capabilities. Results of experiments on meditation and prayers.EPI in Sport. Methods of testing psychophysiological potential of sportsmen. Correlation of EPI param- eters with psychological, physiological, and genetic indicators basing on works by P. Bundzen, K. Korotkov, Drozdovski.

Group rating and its peculiarities. Advantages of the EPI application in sport.Water revolution – new science of water and foundation of homeopathy. EPI parameters of water and materials, their difference from physico-chemical characteristics. “Energetics of poison”. Methods of measurement. EPI Material Testing Kit.

Bio-Well Water electrodes.

Reproducibility of data, dynamic curves. Depen- dence of EPI parameters on electro conductivity. Examples of EPI-grams of liquids, measurements errors. Entropy and fractality. Water and its peculiarities. Homeopathy. Blood. EPI-graphy of natural and synthetic oils. EPI-grams of precious stones and food stuffs.

GDVSputnik measurements and data processing.EPI therapy – BioCor.Literature and publications on EPI.International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography (IUMAB).Development of EPI technique in different countries of the world.Perspectives of EPI technique development.Business development of the BIO-Well.

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