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The Biointernet Series
The Biointernet Series

The Biointernet Series

The Biointernet Series – Art Science and technologies Books

The Biointernet Series – Pre-Press Service by Korotkov.TV

eBook + Translighters Digital Technologies + Structured Digital Photography = The Biointernet Series

The Biointernet Series – eBooks about Bioelectrography (GDV/EPI Gas Discharge Visualisation/Electro Photonic Imaging), Devices – Bio-Well and Translighters, Human Light System, The Biointernet, Low and Superlow Fields, Water Research and more

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IUMAB Library

Consciousness Research, The Biointernet, Human Light System, Emotions, Yoga and Meditation, New Psychology, Intuitive Information Sight, Distant Influence and more on IUMAB Library

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Dr. Piter Mandel, Prof. Newton Milhomens, Dr. Thelma Moss, Semyon Kirlian, Dr. Krishna Madappa, Dr. Stanley Krippner, Professor Pavel Bundzen and other researchers, inventors and scientists on IUMAB Library

Books, Longreads, Images Collections, Movies, Art Projects and more on IUMAB Library

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IUMAB Review

IUMAB Review – Annual Digest

Established by Professor Pavel Bundzen and Kirill Korotkov in 1998

The International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography publishes the IUMAB Review one time per year, and is free to all Regular Members. It contains original articles, news and book reviews. Current and past editions of IUMAB Review are ready for download as PDF files for IUMAB Regular Members.

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DrK Bookstore
DrK Bookstore

DrK Bookstore

DrK Bookstore – Download ebooks by Professor Konstantin Korotkov and info from IUMAB Library

Books by Dr Konstantin Korotkov

Korotkov K. Light After Life. Backbone publishing, NY. 1998. 190 p.

Korotkov K. From Kirlian effect to bioelectrography, 1998, Saint-Petersburg

Korotkov K. Aura and Consciousness – New Stage of Scientific Understanding. St.Petersburg, Russian Ministry of Culture. 1998. 270 p. ISBN 5-8334-0330-8.

Korotkov K. Human Energy Field: study with GDV bioelectrography. Backbone publishing, NY. 2002. 360 p.

Measuring Energy Fields: State of the Art. GDV Bioelectrography series. Korotkov K. (Ed.). Backbone Publishing Co. Fair Lawn, USA, 2004. 270 p.

Korotkov K. Spiral Traverse. St. Petersburg, 2006.

Korotkov K. Champs D’Energie Humaine. Resurgence Collection. Belgique. 2005

Korotkov K., Carlos Mejia Osorio. La Bioelectrografia. Baranquilla. Colombia. 2005.

Korotkov. K. Geheimnisse des lebendigen Leuchtens. Herstellung Leipzig, Germany, 2006, 142 p.

Korotkov K.G. Les Principles De L’Analyse GDV. Marco Pietteur, Editeur, Belgue, 2009

Korotkov K.G. Energy fields Electrophotonic analysis in humans and nature. 2012. 240 p.

La energía de la conciencia, K. Korotkov

Science Confirms Reconnective Healing: Frontier Science Experiments. Authored by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. 2012. 152 p.


Korotkov K.G. The Energy of Consciousness. 2012

Korotkov K.G. The Energy of Space. 2015/2017. 220 p.

Korotkov K.G. The Energy of Health. 2017. 220 p.

The Emerging Science of WaterVladimir Voeikov and Konstantin Korotkov. 2017

Bio-Well Book, 2017

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Korotkov’s knowledge base
Korotkov’s knowledge base

Korotkov’s knowledge base

Dear Friends, you can find free books, papers, teaching documents and more by George, Konstantin and Kirill Korotkov on for free, of course.

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