Bio-Well FAQ

Bio-Well FAQ


Q: When will Bio-Well be available for purchase?
A: Bio-Well is available now. Click here to purchase a device.

Q: How do I place an order?
A: You can order on Bio-Well online store or contact with Distributor.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: You can view our Privacy Policy here.


Q: What shipping method is used?
A: Orders originating from our EU warehouse are shipped via post. However, your Authorized Distributor may arrange for additional methods, if available. Standard time shipping takes 2-4 weeks.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, we ship internationally to most countries. Please contact our Sales Department if you are unsure whether we will ship to a specific country.

Q: Can I change my shipping address?
A: Unfortunately, you cannot change your shipping address after your order has been submitted. Orders with physical shipments are immediately sent for fulfillment and our system can no longer retrieve or change them.

Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping costs vary as they are based on weight, geographic location, and shipping speed.


Q: What payment methods are accepted?
A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal.

Q: Do I have to pay sales tax?
A: Yes, we charge sales tax for orders shipping to Colorado, Ohio and New York.

Q: How much duty is charged on International Orders? How much tax will I be charged on international orders?
A: Duties and taxes are assessed by customs. We cannot tell you in advance what these fees might be nor do we assume any responsibility for these fees. You will be responsible for these fees and notified of the amount due at the time of delivery.


Q: What is your return/exchange policy?
A: We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase experience. We hope you love everything you receive from us, but if you’re less than 100% satisfied, you may return or exchange any item within 30 days for any reason. Please contact your Authorized Distributor to coordinate an exchange or return.



Q: Why do I need a subscription? Doesn’t the device work by itself?
A: The device allows you to capture electro-photonic images; but the images are meaningless until they’re analyzed and interpreted by our cloud-based software system. The subscription allows access to the sophisticated system that makes your data meaningful.

Q: What information do I use to log in to the Bio-Well software?
A: You should use the e-mail address associated with your account (which must have a valid subscription) and the password that you set for your account. You should use the same information when logging into the software as you do for the website (so remember: if you change your password on the website, it’s changed on the software!).

Q: I have more than one Bio-Well device. Can I use the same subscription for all of them?
A: Each Bio-Well device requires its own subscription, and each subscription needs a separate login (email address and user name) and password. Therefore, no, multiple devices cannot use the same subscription, and attempting to do so may lock a user out of the subscription account. If this occurs, please contact us at [email protected].


Q: When and how often will I be charged?
A: For monthly subscriptions, you will be charged once per month, based on the date of you initial subscription purchase. The purchase date is reflected in the ‘My Account’ section of the website.

Q: Can I adjust my subscription billing date?
A: No, you may not. Once you subscribe to Bio-Well, the date of your first charge will be used as your monthly billing date.

Q: How do I update my payment method?
A: Whether you need to change credit cards, update an expired card or re-submit a declined payment, changing your payment information is simple.

Log in and select “My Account” at the top right side of any page. Click on the “Payment Methods” tab to edit the existing payment method or select “Add New Payment Method” to add a new card.

Please note: to validate the new information, you might see an authorization charge on your credit card account, but it’s not an actual charge and no money will be removed from your account unless a subscription fee is due.


Q: What if I want to cancel my subscription?
A: If at any time, for any reason at all, you decide you’re not satisfied, you can simply cancel your subscription by logging into your account on our website under Activate; then go to your account settings (My Account), look for the Subscription section under the account Summary, and click on Edit next to the Subscription. Within the Edit page you will find the option to Cancel Subscription. Alternatively, should you be unable to cancel your subscription yourself, you may send your request to [email protected]. Be sure to include the email address and user name associated with the subscription. Prorated refunds are not offered for cancellations. Once a cancellation is processed, your subscription will remain active until the date of your next renewal. For subscriptions which have been paid/active for at least (1) month, we’ll save your scan history for one year, in case you decide to come back to pick up where you left off!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: You are free to cancel your subscription at any time (see procedure above). If you decide to cancel, it will become effective immediately after we process the cancellation. However, you will still be able to continue using the software to conduct and view scans for the remainder of your paid period (until your next renewal date). Prorated refunds are not offered for any unused portion of your membership.

Q: How can I reactivate my subscription?
A: If you choose to reactivate your Bio-Well subscription, and it is within (1) year of your cancellation, you may log into your account to purchase a new subscription. If it has been more than (1) year, or you are having trouble logging into your account, you may create a new Bio-Well user profile to purchase a new subscription, or contact us at [email protected] to request assistance with resetting your password or to confirm whether your account is still available to be reactivated.

Q: How do I change my account’s email address, username or password?
A: Log into your account and select “My Account” at the top of any page. In the “Preferences” tab, you can edit any of your personal information.

Q: I forgot my account password for the website. How do I retrieve it?
A: On the ‘sign in’ drop down menu, click on ‘Forgot Password’. If you have further issues, please contact us for assistance at [email protected].

Q: How do I log out of my account?
A: Click the Gear Icon next to your name, located near the upper-right area of the website, and select “Log Out”. If your computer is for personal use, it may not be necessary to log out of your account.



Q: I purchased the device. Now what?
A: Great! Now you just need to purchase a subscription and download the software. You should also take some time to review the Quick Start Guide and user manual.

Q: Can I use the device by itself? Why do I need a subscription?
A: No. You need a subscription in order to perform a scan. The device allows you to capture electro-photonic images; but the images are meaningless until they’re analyzed and interpreted by our cloud-based software system. The subscription allows access to the sophisticated system that makes your data meaningful.

Q: Is it harmful to me to perform a scan?
A: No. Scans are quick, easy, painless and non-invasive.

Q: How do I clean my device?
A: Clean the device screen with a gentle lens (optical) cleaner and a gentle cloth. Allow to fully air dry before storing.

Q: How should I store my device?
A: Store your device in a closed box to eliminate dust collecting on the screen. Avoid storing in sunlight.

Q: Is Bio-Well a diagnostic tool?
A: No. The Bio-Well system is intended to help you learn more about your energy state so that you can develop better habits to promote wellness. It should not to be used as a diagnostic tool. You should consult your doctor for any health-related questions.

Q: What is the warranty on Bio-Well products?
A: Bio-Well products are warranted to be free from defect in materials or workmanship for (1) one year from the date of purchase. If products, purchased directly from Bio-Well or through an Authorized Distributor, are found to be faulty within this timeframe, we will replace or repair those products free of charge.


Q: Can I use Sputnik independently from the Bio-Well device?
A: No, you need a Bio-Well device with a valid subscription in order to use Sputnik.

Q: What is included in a Sputnik?
A: The Sputnik is its own unit with an attached cable. The other necessary attachments are included in the Calibration Pack:

For information on how to set up and use Sputnik, view the user guide in the Resources section of the site.

Q: How do I clean the items in Sputnik?
A: Clean the accessories with a gentle lens (optical) cleaner and a gentle cloth. Allow to fully air dry before storing. Be very careful when handling Sputnik, as the edges are very sharp.

Q: How should I store the items in Sputnik?
A: Store Sputnik in a box or the packaging to avoid dust collecting on the items.


Q: Can I use the Bio-Well Calibration Pack independently from the Bio-Well device?
A: No, you need a Bio-Well device with a valid subscription in order to use the Bio-Well Calibration Pack. Additionally, you must have a Bio-Well Plus or Bio-Well Pro level subscription in order to have access to the appropriate scan types.

Q: What is included in a Bio-Well Calibration Pack?
A: The products and attachments needed to perform Calibration, as well as Environment and Object scans are included in the Calibration Pack:

Grounding Cable
Titanium Cylinder
Stand – for Bio-Well positioning during the Calibration process
For information on how to set up and use the Bio-Well Calibration Pack, view the user guide in the Resources section of the site.

Q: How do I clean the items in the Calibration Pack?
A: Clean the accessories with a gentle lens (optical) cleaner and a gentle cloth. Allow to fully air dry before storing.

Q: How should I store the items in the Calibration Pack?
A: Store your Calibration Pack items with your Bio-Well device in a box to avoid dust collecting on the items.


Q: Where do I download the Bio-Well Software?
A: You can download the software here.

Q: Nothing happens once I download the Bio-Well software. What do I do?
A: If your Firewall blocks the software installation, open the folder on your computer that you downloaded the software to and click on Bio-Well_install.exe.

Q: Can multiple people use Bio-Well?
A: Yes! Simply enter each person as a user in the ‘People’ section of the software. View the Bio-Well User Manual for more information.

Q: I’m having issues with the software. Who should I contact?
A: If you feel you’re experiencing a technical issue, please contact us to report it at [email protected].

Q: I don’t understand how to use the software or the scan results information. What do I do?
A: First, you should review the Bio-Well User’s Manual here. If you still have questions, contact your Authorized Distributor for assistance and training. If these options do not resolve your issue, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to answer your questions as thoroughly and quickly as possible.

Q: What are the system requirements to perform scans?
A: An internet connection of 1.5mbps or higher is required to log in to the software to perform scans and view results.

In order for the Bio-Well software to function properly, we recommend you meet these supported system requirements:

Windows: Windows XP or higher
Mac: Apple Mac OS X 10.6 or higher 64-bit version
The Bio-Well device and software have been optimized for utilization with PC computers running a Windows operating system as well as for Mac OS X systems. Many of our customers do successfully utilize Bio-Well with Mac OS X, but some have experienced inconsistent operation, which may be due to interference by various programs installed on individual computers. The Bio-Well Team endeavors to increase support for Mac in our ongoing software updates. For those customers who may encounter issues when using Mac OS X, we recommend consideration of a secondary Windows-based system as an alternative platform. We further recommend, to all Bio-Well users, implementation of a regularly-scheduled calibration regiment which is essential for accurate and reproducible results and/or changes of environment.

You are able to perform a scan offline, but will not be able to view your results until you log in and upload the scan files. For more information on conducting offline scans, view the Bio-Well user manual here.

If you need to determine your IP address for support needs, please follow this link.


Q: I would like to sell Bio-Well products. How do I start?
A: Please visit the Bio-Well Distributors page here and fill out the form if you are interested in applying for and becoming a Bio-Well Authorized Distributor or Reseller.

Q: Who can I talk to about media inquiries?
A: Please e-mail [email protected] for all media inquiries.

Q: I still have questions. How do I contact Customer Service?
A: The answers to a number of common questions can be found here in our FAQs. However, if you require additional assistance, please contact your knowledgeable Authorized Distributor. Lastly, our representatives can be contacted via email at [email protected] and will do their best to respond to your inquiry within a reasonable time period.

Please note: we authorize only the owner of the account to contact our Customer Service department. All questions should be relayed through the account owner, who then can contact us on their behalf.

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