Bio-Well Education

Bio-Well Education

HLS Course for GDVCAMERA users
HLS Course for GDVCAMERA users

Bio-Well Reviews

GDV Diagnostics Video Course

GDVCAMERA Bio-Well Video Course

Human Light System Online Course

HLS 2.0 Free Pre-Course Webinars

January-May 2017 

Second year – 6 months, January-May 2017, 42 Lectures (1 year1

International Workshop + The Biointernet Meditation + The Biointernet Expedition

2-3 days per week, 2 hours online classes

Human Light System Online Course 2.0

HLS 2.0 Course
HLS 2.0 Course

HLS Congress Training 2017

Human Light System Congress Training Prague 25-31 May 2017
Human Light System Congress Training Prague 25-31 May 2017

Human Light System online 
experimental online-offline 5 years course

Starting 11 February 2015

Part One – Theory of Human Light System

Part Two – Practice of Human Light System

Part Three – Training your Human Light System 

Main Topics:

Language: EnglishTranslation to other languages – optional (looking for translators)

HLS 2.0 Free Pre-Course Webinars


You will see in this course: Dr. Konstantin KorotkovDr. Sergey AvdeevDr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov, Dr. Alexander Kozhemyakin, Dmitry Orlov, Galina Gajova, Emrik SuichiesBoris PetrovichTatyana Karovina, Eugenie Avdeev, Kirill Korotkov, Silvia Miranda, Oleg Bazhenov, Hesham Sami, Dr. Dieter Zenke, Dmitry Rogov and other lectors

For years we have been conditioned to believe that the flow of energy in the Universe and in a person as a part of the Universe is unexplainable and that only the chosen people can comprehend it. But this knowledge does not require any special professional skills, that’s why YOU can also become a chosen one. The Human Light System Online Course 2.0 is the second of the five levels of training. During these six months the teachers, who are pioneers and guru in their fields, will unveil secrets that have never been known before. They will share firsthand undistorted knowledge with you and will give you an opportunity to learn unique skills in the following fields:

Human light system and bioelectrography   |   Human biofields and Bioelectromagnetics   |   Natural foods   |   Healing photography   |   Korotkov GDVCAMERA Bio-Well   |   Energy medicine   |   Emotional wellness   |   Global understanding of consciousness   |   Translighters technologies   |   Low and superlow fields   | Sound healing   |   Energy psychology   |   Intuitive Information Sight

Details HLS Online Course

Dear Friends, we have several levels of Bio-Well Education program. First level is a technical level. For this this level, please see:

EPI for BioWell by KorotkovSecond level is certification:

Certification A final review of the 2 days will be the assessment of the understanding before certification. Having successfully completed the course you will receive a certificate confirming your aptitude to work with Bio-Well equipment.

1. Physical basis of luminescence formation. The physiological factors that may influence the process of visualization.

2. Studying of a specific model and GDV Sputnik accessory.

3. General safety principles for operating the device, Preparation, connection and adjustment of the Bio-Well equipment, Recommendations for optimum use of the device for your research and wellness application.

4.Bio-Well Software Download & Installation on the computer. The basic functions and options of theBio-Well program. Rules of capture of a test object and calibration procedures. Potential problems and ways of their elimination.

5. Rules of Bio-Well registration of fingers. Purpose and use of reference electrode. The analysis of Bio-Well technical defects.

6. The protocol of work with a subject. Conditions of individuals’ preparation for Bio-Well testing.

7. Complex of programs: Working with the BioWell Software Programs online and offline: Energy field, Chakra, Balance, Health Status, Energy Status, Report generation, Stress tests and more.

8. Practical work Processing, Analysis and interpretation of the received data, ways of preservation of the information or saving data.

9. The bases of calibration and preparation for environmental assessment using Sputnik. This could continue on to day two.


EPI for BioWell by KorotkovInterpretation Level.

For success on this level:

Theoretical basis of the Bio-Well analysis and principles, and technique.

• Concepts of traditional Chinese medicine

Su Jok therapy elements

Ayurvedic medicine (human chakra system)

• Complementary medicine

• Modern representations about regulating function of vegetative nervous system etc. Practical bases of the Bio-Well analysis

• Types of the GDV Bio-Well images. Dependence of Bio-Well types on age and body condition of the analyzed subjects

• Comparative analysis of the results before and after different treatments

• Evaluation of human energy supply

• L-R symmetry

• Definition of perturbed zones and or vulnerable fields

• Concept of entropy – degree of disorder/ chaos to coherent models

• Evaluation of psycho-emotional intensity and stress level

• Sector analysis. Characteristics of sector defects. Concepts of energy surplus and energy deficiency

• Transformational Case Studies Analysis of subjects with various situations or event horizons. Monitoring features of the subject’s condition during any intervention plan. Practical work.

Welcome to experimental online-offline course – Human Light System Course!

5 thoughts on “Bio-Well Education”

  1. Dear Dr. Korotkov,

    I like to visit and also participate in training and laboratory testing of your GDV system
    and another scientific work, but my education is not a formal, i am a tradesmen electrician.

    But in course of my own self education i did purchase several of your excellent books, but
    that was in the past, now i am retired (not voluntarily) but to my health is very beneficial
    a travel or be a involved in meaningful activity. But at the same time i have a learning
    difficulties, i am generally mentally disabled person, but try to live a meaningful life.

    So if i have a opportunity, despite of my learning problems, to observe and to participate
    in highly thinking environment, i am able later recollect a many aspects of given subject.

    Same time i can offer to my self for a scientific research, you may ask why, i am disabled
    mentally, but still able to use my brain to for example, drive car (i law that) or take care
    of my self, during a travels or at home, but i have a difficulties, handle larger influx of people,
    i have almost not existent short term memory, i have (now) problem reading a maps, or
    a electrical schematics (that was for me before absolutely normal due my profession),

    I have many times to interpret a satellite car navigation, but i have a replacement, i utilise
    a telepathy, if a condition are ok i managing ok to.

    Also i am now i thing very sensitive to energies, so that is in a many instances difficult,
    but sometimes helpful. I also have ability to communicate thelephaticaly with another
    realms, Like for example a Medium ship, not a professional, but work for me, or another
    realms or Dimensions to.

    So please if possible to me a participate in your lab and training i like to
    visit a St.Petersburg, but i will need a official invitation from your institute
    to obtain Visa for visiting a Russian Federation.

    If that will be possible, i pay for a expenses but my financial situation
    is a not the best, i do receive a pension, what is a fraction of my original
    wages if i was working.

    Thank you in advance for a let me know,
    all yours
    zoltan voracek

  2. Dear All,
    i am interested in Bio-well Super offer. We would like to get further information about price.and training classes.
    I have Holistic Healthcare Centre in Chennai / India. We have different type of technology in our Centre such as Dorn Theraphy,Pendulam Theraphy,extra and now Bio-well technologhy is in our interest in terms of holistic health point of view. First we would like to use Biowell on our patients after that we would like to make progress to spread that technologhy throughout Tamilnadu .

    Pls let me know this new technology will suitable for us
    P. Jayakumaran
    Dorn Therapist
    +91 9791088810


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