HLS Congress Training 2017

Human Light System Congress Training 2017

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The Bio-Well camera is not meant to cure diseases. It is used to measure the person’s health and energy state. So it can be used before and after treatment in order to see the effect of different treatment methods and therapies on different organs and systems of the organism.

AK TOM Technologies

It is a new generation of equipment for the effective influence on the body and completely safe. The greatest therapeutic effect is manifested in the solution of the problems causing difficulties in the traditional approach to treatment. The AK TOMdevice can be used for treating a wide range of diseases with Extremely High Frequencies. The use of this device decreases the necessity to take a big amount of medicine in case of any disease.

Translighters Technologies

The mechanism the Translighters use is neither light nor magnetism. The Translighters are based on structures, which are produced based on a special technology. They do not have their own source of energy, instead they structure the energy of the people and things near them.

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