34 thoughts on “BEST BIO-WEL PROPOSAL

  1. Jeff Simonian Reply

    What does the iumba choice include?
    How is support provided and what type of training ?
    Do you have any published studies or any type of testimonials?
    Is the full analysis done from just the finger scan?
    Are those pictures of body’s aura taken from the gdv camera?


  2. María Italia Reply

    Estimado Sr. Konstantin Korotkov, junto con saludarle cordialmente le escribo desde Santiago de Chile para poder tener accceso a la GDV BIO-WELL y también el GDV SPUTNIK
    Por lo tanto necesito la siguiente información: valor en dólares, modo de envío, forma de pago, tiempo de envío, especificaciones técnicas.
    María Italia

  3. Arvind Kumar Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I’m from India (Gurgaon) and need to more about the GDV BIO WELL products.
    Kindly send me the details of products with prices.
    Arvind Kumar Gupta

  4. ioan curta Reply

    The biowell device can measure the electrophotonic parameters of liquids?

  5. Barbara Prucha-Graber Reply

    Hello from Austria! Dear Mr Korotkov, I love your work and I bought the Bio-Well with Sputnik and Bio-Cor. I am still learning about, listened to all tutorials and webinars I found on youtube and read the german book and the english blue book. And – I am hardly waiting on that Water tester for GDV BIO-WELL. Now I am wondering: what is the difference between the Bio-Well and the GDV Camera? Can you tell me please?

      • Mauvis Reply

        So the GDV Camera (Pro too?) is the same machine as Bio-Well, why does the GDV camera cost so much more? Do they both put out the same information? thanks

        • Korotkov Post authorReply

          Yes, it the same cameras. GDV CAMERA PRO is an old (technically) model. We are working for new GDV CAMERA PRO now. It will be another device.


    Dear Sir,
    If I import the Biowell camera to INDIA what will will be the price including Vat plus Shipping charges. Pl inform me.

  7. Francois Reply

    Thanks to help for the world awakening Konstantin. .. Would you have a center in south east Asia to try and test you technologies for health assessments?
    Keep the great work. .

  8. Lynda nicholson Reply

    Can the information provided by the GdV camera be interpreted by a lay person (a non-doctor)?
    Once you have the information about a body, how does one know then how to remedy the deficiencies and mis alignments in the body?

    Many thanks

    Lynda nicholson

  9. John Tracy Reply

    Your prices are more than I can afford. Do you have an over time purchase and also what is the total package cost? I will be wanting to use it to help heal the wounds of relational estrangement.

    John tracy

  10. Barbara Hudak Reply

    I purchased a BIOWELL device a year ago and had several deaths in my family that did not allow me time or energy to explore the device. When I used the GDV almost a decade ago with a doctor in the US we scanned each finger twice (once series without a filter and then one series with a filter). This helped distinguish the results. I do not see a filter included – is it missing from my order?

    Thank you very much – I appreciate your time.

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