Bio-Well Calibration Unit

GDVCAMERA Bio-Well Calibration Unit

Bio-Well Calibration Unit
Bio-Well Calibration Unit


The BIO-WELL ACCESSORY PACK contains attachments needed to calibrate your device.

Note: If you purchase Sputnik, you do not need to purchase the ACCESSORY PACK separately. Sputnik includes the Accessory Pack.

Bio-Well device sold separately.

GDV SPUTNIK – GDV Resource about Environmental and Consciousness Research

GDV accessory pack


Allows experienced users to calibrate Bio-Well software to get more precise data in the Health and Energy Status data views
Metrological testing of the Bio-Well device
Testing of the functionality of the Bio-Well device


Recording time-dynamics of a human energy field
Presentation of the results in graphic form
All data may be saved for future processing


Ensure the most accurage results possible from your device.


Product contents: Grounding Cable, Titanium Cylinder
Grounding Cable: 29.5″l x .13″w x .13″h
Titanium Cylinder: 2″l x 2.5″w x 2.5″h
Weight: TBD
Minimum level of subscription required: Bio-Well Plus Subscription

Accessory pack user manual


11 thoughts on “Bio-Well Calibration Unit”

  1. Id like to know the difference between dvg camera pro and bio well 2014
    The cost of bio well all included witn the softare
    If when i get bio well there are some extra cost for to use it
    The time for recive it in argentina
    Thank you

    • BIO-WELL is a contemporary device. PRO, Compact, Express and Mini are antiques :). This is models from XX century, technically.

  2. Dr. Korotkov,

    My colleagues and I are very interested in your GDV applied to the light emission associated with water. Can and does your GDV measure water? Please advise asap as our water products are ready for distribution and we would like to apply individual tests for our clients.

    Marko Wilson

  3. Bom dia, estou com um colega de estudos interessado em fazer testes com água, plantas e minerais além de pessoas. Gostaria de saber se o biowell também é capaz de fazer análises como o mini laboratory. Temos algum desconto se buscarmos pessoalmente .
    Agradeço Antecipadamente.
    Já possuo o Pro e realmente é um excelente equipamento, porém gostaríamos de sugerir que existe processos onde ocorre mudanças nos chakras físico e espiritual de formas diferentes e me parece que no modelo atual só existe um tipo de chakras…

  4. Dear Sir ,
    I am from Delhi , India and i want purchase GDV Camera Bio-well & GDV Sputnik . if you have any Distributor in Delhi or in India.
    Pl. give me feedback.
    Regards ,
    Trivikram Sharma


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