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IUMAB choice package and save $2300!


GDVCAMERA BIO-WELL + GDV SPUTNIK + Bio-Well Water tester + Bio-Well Glove + HLS Online Course(HLS 1.0 and HLS 2.0)

Human BioField and Environmental Research

You will have all devices for Calibration, Human, Environmental and Water Research

AND SAVE $2300


Delivery takes 1-4 weeks

Including BIO-WELL book + BIO-WELL training

About IUMAB Choice


You will have all devices for Calibration, Human, Water and Environmental Research + Human Light System Online Course for free (HLS 1.0 and HLS 2.0)

AND SAVE $2300

WELCOME 🙂 and order NOW in the GDV BioWell Store:

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  1. Hi am Interested to Buy GDV camera and Sputnik, along with the software and manual. How much would be the total cost after delivery charges, and how many days would it take to reach me. I am in India.


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