IUMAB choice updated


IUMAB choice updated 2020: closed Dear Friends, IUMAB Choice updated. What’s new? Bio-Well Glove in package HLS 1.0 for free HLS 2.0 for free Now, you will save $2300!!! Order IUMAB Choice Now! If you already ordered IUMAB Choice, but it’s not shipped yet – you will have Bio-Well Glove and Human Light System Online Course … Read more

IUMAB choice

Bio-Well - GDVCAMERA by DrK

not available right now see you soon IUMAB choice package and save $2300! GDVCAMERA BIO-WELL + GDV SPUTNIK + Bio-Well Water tester + Bio-Well Glove + HLS Online Course(HLS 1.0 and HLS 2.0) Human BioField and Environmental Research You will have all devices for Calibration, Human, Environmental and Water Research AND SAVE $2300 WELCOME 🙂 Delivery takes 1-4 weeks Including BIO-WELL book + BIO-WELL training About … Read more