GDV Bio-Well Workshop

Bio-Well by Dr. Korotkov
Bio-Well by Dr. Korotkov

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GDVCAMERA BIO-WELL WORKSHOP – 21-24 January 2016, Prague

GDV Bio-Well Workshop

25-28 September, Prague

All Bio-Well customers, who have not yet been certified, are encouraged to attend. Additionally, anyone interested in learning the processes of the Bio-Well device and Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique, who may not yet own a Bio-Well, are welcome to join us and experience this revolutionary technology.

Certification A final review of the 2 days will be the assessment of the understanding before certification. Having successfully completed the course you will receive a certificate confirming your aptitude to work with Bio-Well equipment.

1. Physical basis of luminescence formation. The physiological factors that may influence the process of visualization.

2. Studying of a specific model and GDV Sputnik accessory.

3. General safety principles for operating the device, Preparation, connection and adjustment of the Bio-Well equipment, Recommendations for optimum use of the device for your research and wellness application.

4.Bio-Well Software Download & Installation on the computer. The basic functions and options of the Bio-Well program. Rules of capture of a test object and calibration procedures. Potential problems and ways of their elimination.

5. Rules of Bio-Well registration of fingers. Purpose and use of reference electrode. The analysis of Bio-Well technical defects.

6. The protocol of work with a subject. Conditions of individuals’ preparation for Bio-Well testing.

7. Complex of programs: Working with the BioWell Software Programs online and offline: Energy field, Chakra, Balance, Health Status, Energy Status, Report generation, Stress tests and more.

8. Practical work Processing, Analysis and interpretation of the received data, ways of preservation of the information or saving data.

9. The bases of calibration and preparation for environmental assessment using Sputnik. This could continue on to day two.

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Theoretical basis of the Bio-Well analysis and principles, and technique.

• Concepts of traditional Chinese medicine

Su Jok therapy elements

Ayurvedic medicine (human chakra system)

• Complementary medicine

• Modern representations about regulating function of vegetative nervous system etc. Practical bases of the Bio-Well analysis

• Types of the GDV Bio-Well images. Dependence of Bio-Well types on age and body condition of the analyzed subjects

• Comparative analysis of the results before and after different treatments

• Evaluation of human energy supply

• L-R symmetry

• Definition of perturbed zones and or vulnerable fields

• Concept of entropy – degree of disorder/ chaos to coherent models

• Evaluation of psycho-emotional intensity and stress level

• Sector analysis. Characteristics of sector defects. Concepts of energy surplus and energy deficiency

• Transformational Case Studies Analysis of subjects with various situations or event horizons. Monitoring features of the subject’s condition during any intervention plan. Practical work.

Sessions will take place 10am – 5pm both days. One day – evening’s presentation.

The cost of the 3-Day Workshop is EUR 395 which includes lunch.

Discount for HUMAN LIGHT SYSTEM course‘s students – 50 %

Discount for IUMAB members – 30 %

Discount for students and teachers of The Biointernet School – 50%

Discount for Bio-Well by Dr. Korotkov20% for participants of GDV Bio-Well Workshop

Contact person: [email protected]

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  1. I would like to attend the May 15-17 GVC conference. Will it be possible for me to get a 50 percent decrease in the conference fee in that I am now retired and with my pension I am living on, i have a very reduced monthly income. Please let me know soon so I could make travel arrangements. Thanks, Robert von Scheele

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    We have a health Spa in Bellevue, Washington, USA and would like to purchase the Aura imaging system along with the software’s annual membership. What is it that we need in order to place this order and learn to operate the software.
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  4. There is a conference in September and I would be interested in hearing more details about how to make arrangements to attend it as a student from the U.S. Is there someone I could talk with about this opportunity? Thank you for your time in advance.

  5. Hi I’m Dr Kumaraswamy manjunath from South India want to your seminar next year 2018 please mail me the details thank you

  6. Hi I’m Dr Kumaraswamy manjunath from South India want to attend your seminar next year 2018 please mail me the details thank you


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