BIO-WELL video tutorial

BIO-WELL video tutorial

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Bio-Well YouTube Calibration

Video Manual for Bio-Well by Dr. Korotkov


GDVPLANET Bio-Well channel on YouTube

Bio-Well Tutorial: Adding or Editing a User

Bio-Well Tutorial: Setting Up Your Bio-Well Device

Bio-Well Tutorial: Logging In to the Bio-Well Software

Bio-Well Tutorial: Conducting a Stress Test Scan

Bio-Well Tutorial: Conducting a Stress Test Scan Offline

Bio-Well Tutorial: Conducting a Full Scan

Bio-Well Tutorial: Viewing Previous Scans in the Bio-Well Software

Bio-Well Tutorial: Compare Function Features

Bio-Well Tutorial: Balance View Features

Bio-Well Tutorial: Energy Scan Analysis View Features

Bio-Well Tutorial: Fingers View Features

Bio-Well Tutorial: Health Status View Features

Bio-Well Tutorial: Energy Status View Features

Bio-Well Tutorial: Energy Field View Features

Bio-Well Tutorial: Organs Energy View Features

Bio-Well Tutorial: Calibrating Your Device

Bio-Well Tutorial: Setting Up Sputnik

Bio-Well Tutorial: Sharing Scans

Bio-Well Tutorial: Chakras View Features


BIO-WELL – Revolutionary Instrument to reveal Energy Fields of Human and Nature


BIO-WELL video tutorial

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  1. Have you noted if the energy rapidly changes if someone is in contact with a product that may benefit them, or conversely, harm them? I don’t understand, is there an additional charge beyond the product price? Lastly, is there someone in the Los Angeles area that has this product. I would like to experience it to see if it fits my requirement.

    Thank you very much!


  2. Hi
    Will the biowell work without a subscription after you download the software? Can it be used as a stand alone device like the GDV series pro etc? Or does teh biowell only work for the duration of a subscription. Im interested in the biowell as it is a very good price, but not intereted in the ongoing payments as im familiar with the GDV camera.

  3. I saw/heard that there where to Systems before. A big and a small Version. With the big Camera it was also possible to photograph water or Nutrition. I guess with this actual “White-Box-System” it´s not possible to do so? And what´s the difference of Buying here online and between buying at a local reseller in Switzerland?
    Thanks! Best Wishes, Joerg


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