Bio-Well Reviews

Bio-Well Reviews

Bio-Well and VivAlign Reviews

Dear friends, we would like to hear your opinion about GDVCAMERA Bio-Well 1.0Bio-Well 2.0 and VivAlign models. You may speak in your own language. Text, Audio, Video or what ever you want 🙂

GDVCAMERA Bio-Well impressions, your suggestions about Bio-Well, problems with Bio-Well and more. Please leave your comment here.


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  1. Korotkov

    BioWell Software – My Argument for JSON by Kairos Nature LLC

  2. Martin

    I have some strange issue with Bio-Well: “before” is OK, but after short psychological training i see the same images (hyperfunction) for all participants. May be, my measurements wrong?
    Thank you, Martin

    1. Korotkov

      Dear Martin, Bio-Well doesn’t work on Psychological level. It is hardware bug, but Bio-Well company doesn’t want to fix it. Bio-Well device is commercial product, only for sale (and for calibration :))

  3. Martin

    Where is the courses for Bio-Well? I have some questions

  4. Anna Molin

    Bio–Well company consciously decrease quality of GDV (EPI, Bio–Well, Korotkov’s, etc) images, for the biggest commercial profit.
    Is it true?

  5. Scott D

    What is Bio-Well technologies?

  6. Go Ear

    BioWell Software; My Argument for JSON by Kairos Nature LLC

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