GDVCAMERA Bio-Well Video Course

GDVCAMERA Bio-Well Video Course

with Kirill Korotkov, Konstantin Korotkov, Dieter Zenke, Karen O’Dell, Dmitry Orlov, Thornton Streeter, Boris Petrovic and Krishna Madappa

17 Lectures from the best GDV specialists all over the World!

More than 30 hours of Bioelectrography Learning!

Human Light System Online course

Welcome, Bio-Well and VivAlign users!

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GDV/EPI Bio-Well
GDV/EPI Bio-Well

You will see on the GDVCAMERA Bio-Well Course:

Human Light System Course

How to work with GDV Bio-Well

How to work with GDV Bio-Well, part II

Energy measurement with GDV Sputnik (Bio-Well Sputnik)

GDV Sputnik, Spheres of application

Quantum Feng Shui – Scientific studies of human interaction with the environment

Water and Bioelectrography Research

GDV Bioelectrography – XX years of development

The Energy of Space

Three Approaches to the Analysis of Korotkov’s Images (GDV images) and GDV-diagnostics

What is energy?

Introduction to the human energy system

Devices, physics of Ghz Emr

Journey into the chakras and biofield science

Consciousness Technologies

GDV Tesla Digital Bioelectrography

Power of Inner Peace – Be the Vibrant Light

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Bonus from IUMAB LibraryThe Energy of Health by Professor Konstantin Korotkov


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  1. Dr. Ananda Reply

    I am a medical doctor and would like to learn about GDV.
    I am staying in Malaysia and operating a GP clinic.

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