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  1. Luke Luke
    April 24, 2014    

    I want to order the Bio well, which includes free gift as I understand. Possibly the sputnik and accessory. I trade in jewellery and want to see the effect also on customers, so does the accessory include the clip?
    Also is the postage included via FEDEX or similar to Australia? It would be nice if there was a phone number to contact someone.

    • Korotkov Korotkov
      April 28, 2014    

      Dear Luke, If you order GDV SPUTNIK (, you don’t need accessory pack.

      • Luke Luke
        April 29, 2014    

        Dear Korotkov,
        Thank you for your reply.
        1. I need to know importantly, does the Sputnik include the BIO CLIP? Its important that I can test the energy of objects (jewellery).
        2. Does the software display the results? As I can not see anything in the manual, it only mentions Environment scan.
        If you can clarify this then I can order,

        • Korotkov Korotkov
          May 7, 2014    

          Dear Luke,

          1. You don’t need Bio CLIP. You can use Sputnik.

          2. Yes of course

  2. Ryan Watson Ryan Watson
    April 25, 2014    

    Hi I am a counselor in the USA and I was wondering about the gvd camera and what are the options and prices of everything that you need. I think it will be a great addition to my biofeedback and energy clinic. Thank you

    • Korotkov Korotkov
      April 28, 2014    

      Thank you Ryan, Light and Love!

  3. Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown
    May 8, 2014    

    I purchased a Bio Well camera 4/22/2014 through Paypal. I would like to know what the expected shipping date is. All of the delivery methods have slight problems and I would like to be able to track it to be sure that it gets here. Please respond to my email address. Thank you.

    • Korotkov Korotkov
      May 10, 2014    

      Dear Stephanie, first devices was sent 3 May. You’ll receive on the next week.
      Sorry for delay.

  4. Raivis Raivis
    May 10, 2014    

    Mr. Korotkov,
    Would it be possible to purchase BIO-Well with Sputnik and pay in 2 instalments over 2 month’s?


    • Korotkov Korotkov
      May 13, 2014    

      Yes, of course. Please send request to and we will send you invoice or you can order BIO-WELL directly from our website

  5. Korotkov Korotkov
    May 13, 2014    

    BIO-WELL promotion

    First 100 clients will have presents from IUMAB and valuable gift from Korotkov company.

    Thank you and Light and Love!
    contact mail:


  6. July 16, 2014    

    I am very interested in purchasing a Bio-Well for my practice. Are there any practitioners in the San Francisco area I could contact to have a session with the Bio-Well before purchasing?
    Thank you for your work!

  7. carlos carlos
    July 24, 2014    

    do you ship to mexico?

    • July 27, 2014    

      Yes of course :)
      Worldwide shipping

  8. August 2, 2014    


    I orderd Biowell camera and payed 20.7.2014. Can you so kind and tell me how long I will
    wait on delivery. Order Id ia 389.

    Thank you and
    Nice regards


    • August 8, 2014    

      Dear Janko, now it takes 2-3 weeks. Sorry for long time

  9. Gary Gary
    September 10, 2014    

    1. Is it possible to log in and use the bio-well software (to get scan results) without being connected to internet ?
    2. Is it available in french language?
    3. Can I use it to examinate the water?
    4. Does the bio-well software include full features? Does it exist other softwares and other accessories?
    5. Is there a way to use the GDV camera with a software without paying subscribtion? I prefer to pay another package that is more expensive than paying subscribtion… Do you offer a package without the monthly software payment? I don’t want to pay monthly and send scans to internet.
    6. Thank you.

    • September 15, 2014    

      Hello Gary,

      1. Only measurement. All processing are online now.
      2. Yes.
      3. We will finish additional device for water measurements soon.
      4. Yes. All GDV SOFTWARE what we know here: GDVSOFTWARE website.
      5. No. Not yet. You can pay for one year, for example. It’s 300 USD, not a lot. You shouldn’t send scans to the internet. It’s working through internet, automatically.
      6. Thank you! Light and Love!

  10. Anna Anna
    October 5, 2014    

    Здравствуйте, Кирилл!!
    Подскажите, пожалуйста, как докупить Терра Гц излучатели для Cem Tech для нашей студии?

    • October 18, 2014    

      Здравсвуйте Анна!

      У Вас какого года модель?

  11. John Brock John Brock
    November 4, 2014    

    I have a subscription to the BioWell service. How do I obtain a copy of the BioWellBook?

  12. John Brock John Brock
    November 6, 2014    

    I want to confirm the status of my order. I ordered the IUMAB choice. I have received the GDV Camera and the accessory pack. I have not received the GDV Sputnik nor information on the IUMAB membership or Bio-Well Training. Please advise.

    Also where can one obtain the Pt Water Electrode and the wrist strap. Is the wrist strap a typical anti-static band with banana connector used when working with electronics?

    I am learning a lot by experimenting with Bio Well camera. Thank you for your good work.


  13. John John
    December 3, 2014    

    I still have not received the GDV Sputnik. Presently I am in France. Is it possible to have it shipped directly from Estonia to France?

    Thank you.


  14. Joanna Blanker Joanna Blanker
    December 27, 2014    


    Will the BioWell software work with the GDV Camera Pro configuration?

    Thank you for your consideration and reply,, Joanna

  15. Benoit Tramblay Benoit Tramblay
    January 6, 2015    


    I have purchase a book on your site,
    When i received it ?
    Thanks !

  16. Alok Tripathi Alok Tripathi
    March 31, 2015    

    I m glad that science has made the way to spirituality in it’s unique way….the development of this product is a way to prove soft sciences scientifically….thank you dear sir Korotkov….I would like to have the device…

  17. Mauvis Mauvis
    May 6, 2015    

    What is the difference between the Bio-Well, the Bio-Well Super and the Bio-Well Dealer Direct. I want to purchase a Bio-Well for my health practitioner store but im not sure which one suits me best and also, is there online training, im in California, thanks

  18. Deva Deva
    July 18, 2015    

    Dear Sir,
    I have bought 2 books ,will i receive by post or did i buy pdf version.I didnt receive yet and the pdf versions are expired for download.

    • July 19, 2015    

      Dear Deva, we have only eBooks on our online store. What books you bought? We will send it to you.

  19. July 28, 2015    

    Hello Mr. Korotkov,
    I would like to buy Bio-well as well as become distributor for New York area,
    I am NES Therapist and been recommended your product by our NES friends in Holand,
    can you please contact me as soon as you can with information since I would like to get this very soon,
    thank you
    love and light

  20. Zoran Zoran
    September 27, 2015    

    Dear friends,

    do you need basis for gdv camera and bio-well sistem In Serbia

    Best regardes
    Zoran Ilić
    Skype name………. zorankina
    +381 65 677 84 35

  21. January 27, 2016    

    I am a field doctor practicing in Japan.
    I would like to order gdv camera for clinical use.

    Would you please help me for that?


    Dr. Ted Egawa
    Doctor of Chiropractic

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