BioClip for Bio-Well

BioClip for Bio-Well
BioClip for Bio-Well

Bio‐Well BioClip testing

To use BioClip you need to do as follows:

1. Position Ti calibration cylinder on the Bio‐Well optical electrode and place Bio-well on the plastic support.

2. Connect wrist electrode to the Ti cylinder holder.

3. Turn on wrist electrode on a person’s wrist. Person should be sitting or laying down with arm in a calm position.

4. Take dynamic measurements in the BioClip mode.

bioclipResulting dynamic curve characterized the process of person’s response to the environment and possible responses to external stimulus (electro magnetic fields, different devices and human intention). It may be used to test person’s response to different subjects like food, gemstones or medications, which will be held in a hand.

BioClip mode is not designed for evaluation health quality. This is not medical test and results can not be used for medical diagnostics or selecting appropriate medications.
Results of the test may serve as indications only.

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