HLS Online Course for IUMAB members

Human Light System Online Course 1.0 & 2.0 free for IUMAB Members

Human Light System Online Course 1.0 & 2.0

HLS Course
HLS Course

Access to lectures from Human Light System Online Course 2.0

More info about Human Light System experimental online course here

HLS Online Course 1.0 Free Lectures

HLS Online Course 2.0 Free Lectures

You will see on the course:

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Dr. Sergey Avdeev, Dr. Krishna Madappa, Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov, Dr. Alexander Kozhemyakin, Dr. Dieter Zenke, Dr. Thornton Streeter, Hesham Sami, Dmitry Orlov, Galina Gajova, Emrik Suichies, Olga Farber, Boris Petrovich, Eugenie Avdeev, Kirill Korotkov,  and other lecturers

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