Low and SuperLow

Low and superlow fields and radiations in biology and medicine

We are working with GDV Technologies by Dr. Korotkov 20 years already. We know a lot of devices and technologies.

We collected the best of the best. Today we are happy to suggest it to you!

We are working and using:

Translighters technologies by Dr. Sergey Avdeev

AK TOM technologies by Dr. Alexander Kozhemyakin


of course, Bio-Well by Dr. Korotkov

And other interesting stuff you will find in our online store GDVPLANET

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Human Light System International Workshop


GDV planet - eco planet devices

GDV price-list

Bio-Well price-list: GDV BIO-WELL – 1399 $ GDV SPUTNIK – 349$ HUMAN LIGHT SYSTEM COURSE - $1000  Human Light System Course – experimental online-offline Course for Bio-Well users GDV Biocor - $ 599

GDV Sputnik

GDV Sputnik



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EPI for BioWell by Korotkov

Bio-Well online store

GDV Bio-Well Software by Dr. Korotkov