Be the Vibrant Light

Power of Inner Peace – Be the Vibrant Light

by Dr. Krishna Madappa

Human Light System Course

HLS 2.0 Course

Lecture 46 by Dr. Krishna Madappa

Power of Inner Peace – Be the Vibrant Light


Spiritual Scientist International Researcher & Educator GDV/Bio-Well -Light, Life, Wellness Analysis Dr. Krishna Madappa, President of The Institute of Science, Spirituality & Sustainability, based in Taos, New Mexico.

He is an educator, Inner Excellence Coach & Holistic consultant, based in Taos, New Mexico, U.S.A and Bangalore, India.

Born and raised in the Andaman Islands of India; educated both in India, USA and Russia in Mechanical and Industrial engineering, Ayurveda, Bio-field sciences and business management; he is totally immersed in scientific explorations, education and transmissions that integrate Science and Theosoulistic (spirituality)evolution of human.

Krishna Madappa is a Holistic Consultant dedicated to awakening and heightening inner awareness of light within through the explorations on Life’s Energy Fields, essential oils, water, soils, sound and light.

This course is a part of Human Light System Course 2.0, consists of 42 lectures.

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