Bio-Well 1.0 to Bio-Well 2.0 Upgrade Program

Bio-Well 1.0 to Bio-Well 2.0 Upgrade Program

If you choose to participate in the Bio-Well 1.0 Upgrade Program, please follow these steps:

1. Email your upgrade request to the Bio-Well Service Center closest to your location. Please provide the following information together with your request:
 Your Bio-Well software Username (Login);
 Bio-Well 1.0 device serial number and ChipID;
 Shipping address;
 Contact person’s name and phone number (who will receive the upgraded device);
 Your PayPal account email address (to receive the invoice) if you prefer to pay by PayPal;
 Your billing information: entity name, address, contact phone, VAT number or similar in your country.

Upgrade cost is 600$ per device.

Bio-Well Service Center will issue an invoice for you upon your request.

2. Send your Bio-Well 1.0, with the finger guide inserted (to protect the glass electrode), to the shipping address of the selected Bio-Well Service Center. You are responsible to pay for the shipment to the Service Center. We strongly suggest using a shipping service which provides a tracking number.

When sending by post, please follow these recommendations:
 Item name should be “USB digital camera”.
 Please mention the value of the parcel is maximum €10 Euro or $10 USD.
 If needed in your country, add a note that you are sending the device for a “warranty repair”.
 Take a photo of the receipt with the tracking number and email it to the selected Bio-Well Service Center.
 Please use the HS code that would be recommended by the Service Center, or use the default HS code for Bio-Well GDV Camera: 85258030.

3. Once the invoice is paid, the Service Center will add your device to the queue, determine the amount of time it will take to complete your upgrade, and notify you by email of the approximate date your device will be returned to you. Return shipment cost will be covered by the Service Center.

4. Once you receive your Upgraded Bio-Well GDV Camera, please check its Serial number and ChipID (Log in to the Bio-Well Software and click the “Calibration” button on the left-side menu, then click the “i” button in the topright corner of the screen).

Note: ChipID of BW 1.0 model has 8 characters and the BW 2.0 has 24 characters.

We will delete the old ChipID from your Bio-Well Account once you send your Bio-Well 1.0 to the Service Center, so you can start using your Upgraded 1.0 device right after receiving it back.

5. Enjoy using your renewed Bio-Well GDV Camera with all the new features!
Note: Warranty period for the upgraded device is 2 years from the date of the Upgrade.

6. Once you test your Upgraded Bio-Well device – please provide your feedback in any form you like (text, audio or video) to Bio-Well Reviews page.

Thank you for being with us!

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  1. i want upgrade my bio well 1.0 instrument.
    I am in srilanka . What i have to do for it.
    Ranjith opatha


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