The Best GDV Course!

The Best GDV Course!

Order Best GDV Course Now!

GDV Diagnostics with Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov

GDV = Western Medicine + Traditional Chinese Medicine + Ayurveda

For all models of GDVCAMERA users (Bio-WellVivAlign, etc)

GDV Bioelectrography in Medicine on Human Light System Online course
Dr. Dvoryanchikov - GDV GuruDr. Dvoryanchikov – GDV Diagnostics

More about GDV Diagnostics with Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov


GDVCAMERA Bio-Well Video Course

with Kirill Korotkov, Konstantin Korotkov, Dieter Zenke, Karen O’Dell, Dmitry Orlov, Thornton Streeter, Boris Petrovic and Krishna Madappa

18 Lectures from the best GDV specialists all over the World!

More than 30 hours of Bioelectrography Learning!

Human Light System Online course

Welcome, Bio-Well and VivAlign users!

GDV/EPI Bio-Well

More about GDVCAMERA Bio-Well Video Course

You can order both courses with discount here:

Best GDV Course!

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