GDV Software

GDV Software – The GDV programs are formed as a sequence of pages leading the user step by step along the accepted scheme of the GDV-images or GDV Video analysis. This makes the study process maximally convenient and clear, even to a person hardly familiar with computers.

The programs for diagnostics (sector analysis) work with lists of subjects that enable to store not only personal information (name, gender, age, etc.) but also comments to GDV capturing.

There is a possibility to edit the information, to delete or add new capturing, thus producing a document filing which can be transferred to another computer.

GDV Software

The program for registration and initial processing of GDV-images:

“GDV Capture”

GDV Software. The programs of sector analysis:

“GDV Energy Field” (“GDV Aura”)
“GDV Diagram”
“GDV Screening”
“GDV Chakra”

GDV Software. The parametrical programs:

“GDV Viewer”
“GDV Scientific Laboratory”

GDV Software. The analytical programs:

“GDV Sport”
“GDV Neurotonus”

GDV Software. The expert system:

“Interpretation for GDV Software”
download the demo version of the Interpretation for GDV Software, format *.exe (2,6 Mb)
“GDV Effect”
“SBJ-manager for GDV Software”

GDV Software Video:


The software for registering dynamic GDV images from person’s fingers.


For person’s biofeedback with the energetic state of his/her organs.

«Energy state»

For visualizing of the person’s overall energetic state and quantitative estimation of state parameters.

«Energy centers»

Module of estimation of performance level parameters at the energetic centers of a person (chakras), for visualization and displacement estimation.

«Cosmoenergetic Channels»

For visualizing the zones of excessive emission and consumption of energy in person’s body. These data are used as a basis for recommendations regarding the influence of certain channels (the concept of cosmoenergetic and Jain channels) on specific organs or systems and for their convergence to an energetically balanced state, corresponding to a practically healthy person.

«Energy distribution»

The module of visualization of energy distribution across organs and systems of a human body and quantitative estimation of corresponding characteristics.

Recommended computer requirements:
Processor – P4 and higher,
RAM – 256 Mb and higher,
Free disk space – 5 Gb and more.

Operating system:
Windows 2000;
Windows XP;
Windows Vista;
Windows 7.

Web site about GDV Software:


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