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GDV CAMERA Forum under construction Welcome to GDV Library! GDV, EPC, EPI, Kirlian photography, Dr. Korotkov techniques, Crownscopy, etc. GDV Diagnosis Chart, GDV Maps, GDV Tables GDV SPUTNIK – Environmental Research GDV CAMERA GDV Resourses GDV SOFTWARE EPC/GDV SUPPORT GDV Forum using Entropyn technology GDV, Kirlian, Bioelectrography GDV, Kirlian, Bioelectrography Research GDVCAMERA by DrK Forums … Read more

GDV Software Video

Bio-Well - GDVCAMERA by DrK

Crownscopy UPD Crownscop GDV Software Video GDV Software Video for dynamic GDV images “Registration” The software for registering dynamic GDV images from person’s fingers. «Biofeedback» For person’s biofeedback with the energetic state of his/her organs. «Energy state» For visualizing of the person’s overall energetic state and quantitative estimation of state parameters. «Energy centers» Module of … Read more

GDV Software

GDV map by DrK

GDV Software – The GDV programs are formed as a sequence of pages leading the user step by step along the accepted scheme of the GDV-images or GDV Video analysis. This makes the study process maximally convenient and clear, even to a person hardly familiar with computers.

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