GDVCAMERA Crownscopy updated

GDVCAMERA Crownscopy (3 Generation) by Edik Kryzhanovsky is an optoelectronic device for registration energy field. Crownscopy devices works without GDV Calibration… It means, Crownscopy devices are the same like an Aura Camera devices by quality of information.

GDVCAMERA Crownscopy, Crownscopy devices
GDVCAMERA Crownscopy, Crownscopy devices

crownscopy 2

Hardware-software system designed to evaluate the energy state of the human
Crownscopy 2 – a new opto-electronic device for recording the dynamic image of the corona.

The device is now even lighter, more compact and easier to use! Crownscopy 2 is the most affordable and best offer on the market and the GDV Kirlian equipment.

2 Pro crownscopy

Software and hardware, catching a striking design and intended for evaluating the energy state of a person, and also to analyze liquids (Aqua-Crown required prefix)

crownscopy Explorer

The hardware-software complex intended for assessment of the energy of the human condition, as well as for studies of various objects of inanimate nature.

GDVCAMERA Crownscopy updated 2019

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