Aura Camera is not GDV

Aura Camera device isn’t GDVCAMERA. Aura Camera is a nice device for show, not for medial or scientific usage.

Aura Camera doesn’t use Gas Discharge Visualisation Technologies for image processing. It is Galvanic Skin Response. Nothing common with Kirlian Effect.

Electrodermal activity (EDA) is the property of the human body that causes continuous variation in the electrical characteristics of the skin. Historically, EDA has also been known as skin conductancegalvanic skin response (GSR), electrodermal response (EDR), psychogalvanic reflex (PGR), skin conductance response (SCR), sympathetic skin response (SSR) and skin conductance level (SCL). The long history of research into the active and passive electrical properties of the skin by a variety of disciplines has resulted in an excess of names, now standardized to electrodermal activity (EDA)


From the website about Aura Camera:

“The secret is in our advanced technology that combines hand reading sensors and data translation. It’s complicated tech, but we design our products for easy accessibility and data manageability—making them perfect for metaphysical practitioners at wellness centers or educational institutions.

Where Does the Kirlian Camera Stand Today?
Decades of research and experimentation focused on understanding and visualizing the etheric has produced a modern version of Kirlian Cameras that would impress Kirlian himself. Today’s aura-energetic imaging technology are a next step above the old Kirlian Cameras. Learn more about the benefits of using the next generation in chi-energy imaging–Aura Cameras.”

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