À la frontière du visible et de l’invisible

À la frontière du visible et de l’invisible

À la frontière du visible et de l’invisible Florence Pousset Médecines complémentaires et bio-électro-photonique La science et la spiritualité ne sont que les deux faces d’une même pièce la science explique et rationalisme la spiritualité qui à son tour, guide de façon intuitive la science !comme le jour et la nuit le flux et le … Read more

Korotkov.TV online

Korotkov.TV online

Korotkov.TV online Korotkov.TV online – practical TV Interactive Home TV channel and Folk Science Healthy Community On Time – timetable Korotkov.TV online Korotkov.TV online Q/A – technical questions, Zoom, YouTube, Bio-Net, etc April 2020 Bio-Net YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, Instagram, Twitch, HLS 4.0 and more Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Games, Home Workout, Conferences, Talk Show, Yoga lessons, … Read more

DrK books about Bioelectrography

GDV Library

DrK books about Bioelectrography Dr. Konstantin Korotkov From Kirlian effect to Bioelectrography Korotkov K. Light After Life. Backbone publishing, NY. 1998. 190 p. Korotkov K. From Kirlian effect to Bioelectrography, 1998, Saint-Petersburg Korotkov K. Aura and Consciousness – New Stage of Scientific Understanding. St.Petersburg, Russian Ministry of Culture. 1998. 270 p. ISBN 5-8334-0330-8. Korotkov K. Human … Read more

Aura Camera is not GDV


Aura Camera device isn’t GDVCAMERA. Aura Camera is a nice device for show, not for medial or scientific usage. Aura Camera doesn’t use Gas Discharge Visualisation Technologies for image processing. It is Galvanic Skin Response. Nothing common with Kirlian Effect. Electrodermal activity (EDA) is the property of the human body that causes continuous variation in the … Read more

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IUMAB Library

Kirlian Photography

IUMAB Library – books, texts, videos and images about:

Bioelectrography, Electrophotonic Imaging, Gas Discharge Visualisation, Kirliangraphy, Kirlian Photography, Electrophotography, GDV, EPC, EPI, etc

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Kirlian Photography

The History of Bioelectrography


Kirlian Photo Gallery


Kirlian Photo gALLERY Kirlian Photography Kirlian Photography is a process that uses pulsed high voltage frequencies & electron cascades to take pictures of usually invisible, radiating energy fields that surround us all. Photo technique. More photos here: Kirlian Photo GALLERY