DrK books about Bioelectrography

DrK books about Bioelectrography

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

From Kirlian effect to Bioelectrography

Korotkov K. Light After Life. Backbone publishing, NY. 1998. 190 p.

Korotkov K. From Kirlian effect to Bioelectrography, 1998, Saint-Petersburg

Korotkov K. Aura and Consciousness – New Stage of Scientific Understanding. St.Petersburg, Russian Ministry of Culture. 1998. 270 p. ISBN 5-8334-0330-8.

Korotkov K. Human Energy Field: study with GDV bioelectrography. Backbone publishing, NY. 2002. 360 p.

Measuring Energy Fields: State of the Art. GDV Bioelectrography series. Korotkov K. (Ed.). Backbone Publishing Co. Fair Lawn, USA, 2004. 270 p.

Korotkov K. Spiral Traverse. St. Petersburg, 2006.

Korotkov K. Champs D’Energie Humaine. Resurgence Collection. Belgique. 2005

Korotkov K., Carlos Mejia Osorio. La Bioelectrografia. Baranquilla. Colombia. 2005.

Korotkov. K. Geheimnisse des lebendigen Leuchtens. Herstellung Leipzig, Germany, 2006, 142 p.

Korotkov K.G. Les Principles De L’Analyse GDV. Marco Pietteur, Editeur, Belgue, 2009

Korotkov K.G. Energy fields Electrophotonic analysis in humans and nature. 2012. 240 p.

La energía de la conciencia, K. Korotkov

Science Confirms Reconnective Healing: Frontier Science Experiments. Authored by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. 2012. 152 p.


Korotkov K.G. The Energy of Consciousness. 2012

Korotkov K.G. The Energy of Space. 2015/2017. 220 p.

Korotkov K.G. The Energy of Health. 2017. 220 p.

The Emerging Science of WaterVladimir Voeikov and Konstantin Korotkov. 2017

Bio-Well Book, 2017

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DrK books about Bioelectrography

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Mummies of Nazca New book by Konstantin Korotkov

Mysterious Mummies of Nazca: Eyewitness Testimony

In 2017, strange mummies were found in Nazca, near the little town Palpa. They attracted wide attention and a lot of contradictory opinions. The author was lucky to be a part of this discovery and together with a team from Gaia … Read more Mummies of Nazca

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