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Interactive Home TV channel and Folk Science Healthy Community

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April 2020 Bio-Net

YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, Instagram, Twitch, HLS 4.0 and more

Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Games, Home Workout, Conferences, Talk Show, Yoga lessons, Fighting, New Devices and more at Korotkov.TV online

It is a nice time, to be at Home

Korotkov.TV Studio – experimental multimedia production

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On Time – 2020 Schedule April

9 Apr 2020

Lecture 11: How to work with GDV Bio-Well, part II

YouTube Premieres 9 Apr 2020, 10.00

Online Water Experiment

Lecture 9: How to work with GDV Bio-Well

YouTube Premieres 8 Apr 2020, 10.00

Welcome to the Bio-Net!

YouTube Premieres 7 Apr 2020

What is the Bio-Net? The Bio-Net – B2B and B2C Services based on Translighters Digital technologies Bio-Net – Web server based on Translighters Digital technologies for Companies and corporations, Scientists and Artists, Associations and professional societies, Companies selling health related products and Private specialists working in the field of traditional medicine, Students, Artists… Bio-Net For Every One

Lecture 36 by Oleg Bazhenov

YouTube Premieres 7 Apr 2020

Shooting landscapes and surroundings

We are very excited to announce that our 36th lecture of Human Light System Course 2.0 will be conducted by Oleg Bazhenov Topic of this lecture : “Shooting landscapes and surroundings. A special mode of vision and feedback from nature”.

Korotkov.TV online – practical TV

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Korotkov.TV online
Korotkov.TV online

What will be available at Korotkov.TV online

Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Games, Home Workout, Conferences, Talk Show, Yoga lessons, Fighting and more. See the Schedule here.

Human Light System Course

Experimental 5 years online course about Human Energy Field. More about HLS Course here


Bio-Well training and Bio-Well foundation, GDV Diagnostics. Training and practice with GDV Camera by Dr. Korotkov. Working with BioCor, GDV Sputnik, GDV Water Sensor, GDV Laboratory and GDV Software

Lectures, Workshops, Experiments and more

Translighters Games

These Games in Time, with Time and Timeless. Science, Magic, Technologies. Online Interactive, the Biointernet Show with Sergey Avdeev and Kirill Korotkov

Human Potential Movement Games

Welcome to Translighters Games website!

Translighters Games on YouTube

Intuitive Information Sight Training

Ability to see without using eyes and more Biointernet modes with Galina Gajova and other Teachers from the Biointernet School

The Biointernet Modes:

Sunshine Yoga Lessons

Teaching Yoga for beginners. Professional Meditations

Hourglass Figure Workout

Home Workout with Marten Sport. What we can do now at Home for Beauty and Health. Everyday

Reading the Biointernet book

The Biointernet. Manual. First Edition. Reading and Conversation. Intuitive Information Sight Technologies by Dr. Zolotov Development

Bzipsi Water Experiment

BZI Aqua Psi Online Global Meditation

Group Interactive Platform Exploring Experiments Involving the Measurement of Consciousness and Space

Exploring Consciousness Using Water Based Sensors GDVCAMERA by DrK and GDV Sputnik

Is it possible to measure the effect of a large group of people concentrating on the same object?

Breath synchronization among all participants. All participants will listen to the same audio broadcast. Send Love to all participants as well as all of humanity, and wish them stronger health and immune system. Let’s meditate and see how water reacts to the power of our collective consciousness!


  1. The experiment will start on a “Start Date” and will last about 30 minutes. You can also see a countdown showing the time left before the session begins.
  2. When the countdown is finished, the session begins. Refresh the page if you think the displayed countdown time is incorrect.
  3. During the session, you can influence the water sample through its photo. To do so, click on “Start Session” (this button will be available only during the session). The photo is considered to be an entanglement key to the real object which during the session is placed into the measuring device, i.e. Electrochemical Impedance Spectrometer (EIS). 
  4. Concentrate your attention on the displayed photo (i.e. container of water) and apply your intention to make the water in the container more conductive. 
  5. Breath according to the instructions provided during the session.
  6. During the session, click on the “play” icon to connect to the audio channel that all participants will listen to.
  7. Concentrate for as long as you wish and when finished click “Finish Session”.
  8. When the session is complete, you will see the results on this page under the “Results” tab. 

Bio-Net Community online meditation

Music live sessions

Classic, Sound Design, Jazz, Industrial, Noise and more

Parties and Friends Meetings

Birth Days!!! Celebrations and other Fun using Party-Theater Biointernet mode

Kid’s Time

Kids at Home without smartphone and more. Table games, Songs, Playing the Common Games and watching Results


Online Art Auctions

Documentaries ?

Teaching Movies and Series about Bio-Net technologies. Common watching and talking. See also: The Biointernet educational documentaries

Bio-Net Game

Short Training. Everyday. Super Prize!

Korotkov.TV online – On Time online timetable

Looking for Lecturers and Participants. Everyday. Online. Free and Interesting. Mail to [email protected]

Thank you very much for participating!

Korotkov.TV online – practical TV


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