Bio-Well News 2020

Bio-Well News 2020:


Korotkov Mobile Technologies (soon available)

4 main chapters:

I. GDV Scientific Basis (Bio-Well Foundations)

II. GDV Practice (GDV Diagnostics, GDV Sputnik, GDV Water and more)

III. GDV Theory – Concepts of integrative approach to a human being and the Biointernet

IV. GDV Bio-Net – working with 5 Gen GDVCAMERA Bio-Net (soon available)

More on DrK website GDVCAMERA ONLINE

GDVCAMERA presentation by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

Bio-Well, Energy Field, GDV, EPI, Korotkov – GDVCAMERA presentation by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. Bio-Well Chakra, Bio-Well Diagnostics

More Bio-Well News 2020 soon here

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