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GDVCAMERA Bio-Well 2021 Bio-Well device the same On the basis of Kirlian effect, a team of scientists under the guidance of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov developedthe GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) Technique and created a device to produce Gas Discharge images of human fingers. The GDV Technique is patented, the hardware passed technical, toxicological and clinical tests;it … Read more

Human Light System Course for Free on YouTube

Human Light System Course for Free on YouTube Entropyn technology – next level of the Bioelectrography Research GDVPLANET YouTube channel – experimental audio-video channel using Entropyn by KOROTKOV company Entropyn TV GDVCAMERA by DrK Study, Advanced Level GDV Bio-Well Tutorials and Training The Energy of Space Bio-Well Calibration

Bio-Well News 2020

Bio-Well device

Bio-Well News 2020: GDVCAMERA ONLINE Korotkov Mobile Technologies (soon available) 4 main chapters: I. GDV Scientific Basis (Bio-Well Foundations) II. GDV Practice (GDV Diagnostics, GDV Sputnik, GDV Water and more) III. GDV Theory – Concepts of integrative approach to a human being and the Biointernet IV. GDV Bio-Net – working with 5 Gen GDVCAMERA Bio-Net … Read more



Medicine at the beginning of the XXI century Bio-Well, Energy Fields Electrophotonic Analysis, GDV method, GDV technique, Human Energy Field, Human Light System Medicine at the beginning of the XXI century Western medicine has achieved tremendous breakthroughs by the beginning of the XXI century: major infectious diseases have been defeated, surgeons perform heart and kidney transplantations on a daily basis, … Read more

Bio-Well Application Course


Bio-Well Application Course Announcement: Bio-Well GDV Camera 2.0 official launch 2018, March – May 1-2 times per week With Hesham Sami, Kirill Korotkov, Sergey Avdeev, Alexander Dvoryanchikov, Martina Hruba and Oleg Bazhenov IUMAB certification Bio-Well Application online course Welcome! Mail to seminar at Main Topics of Bio-Well Application course: How to work with GDV/EPI Bio-Well device (Bio-Well workshops 1 and 2 levels) How … Read more

Human Light System course for Bio-Well users

Human Biofield

Human Light System course for Bio-Well users Contemporary Education for a Better World Light emissions and relationship to human body, the concept of light emission from human beings Taittiriya Upanishads, India, 1000 – 650 BC Human Light System Course  experimental 5 years online course Since 2014 HLS 1.0 – 2014-2015 Season HLS 2.0 – 2016-2017 … Read more


Bio-Well - GDVCAMERA by DrK


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GDV, Kirlian, Bioelectrography Research


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Bio-Well products and services:

Bio-Well by Dr. Korotkov
Bio-Well by Dr. Korotkov

BIO-WELL – The product consists of a desktop camera and accompanying software, which allows a user to quickly and easily conduct human energy scans. 

More about BIO-WELL $1399

More about GDV Sputnik $349

More about Human Light System Online Course $1300

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BIO-WELL Deutsch

Bio-Well - GDVCAMERA by DrK

BIO-WELL Deutsch

GDVCAMERA BIO-WELL wurde von Dr. Konstantin Korotkov entwickelt und bringt die leistungsstarke Technologie als Gas Discharge Visualization Technik, um in einer Weise zugänglich zu vermarkten als bisher bekannt. Das Produkt besteht aus einem Desktop-Kamera und dazugehörige Software, die ein Benutzer für die menschliche Energie-Scans schnell und einfach durchführen können. Zubehör-Anlagen sind auch für den Kauf der Umwelt durchführen und Objekt-Scans zur Verfügung.

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