Medicine at the beginning of the XXI century

Bio-WellEnergy Fields Electrophotonic AnalysisGDV methodGDV techniqueHuman Energy FieldHuman Light System

Medicine at the beginning of the XXI century Western medicine has achieved tremendous breakthroughs by the beginning of the XXI century: major infectious diseases have been defeated, surgeons perform heart and kidney transplantations on a daily basis, modern computer technologies allow monitoring human organs in vivo. Glimmering displays, subtle biochemical and genetic analyses, a vast […]

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Music Therapy and GDV-parameters

Music Therapy and GDV-parameters Music is a great achievement of our Civilization. Billions of people do not imagine their life without music, and there are a lot of approaches to use music as a part of healing process. In experiments conducted by Kalashnikova E.O. et al [2001] effect of music therapy was tested on a […]

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Acupuncture Treatment

AcupunctureAcupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture Treatment and GDV Bioelectrography Interesting research on the evaluation of the effects of acupuncture treatment was done under supervision of Dr. Norm Shealy and Dr Willam Tiller [Rizzo-Roberts, 2004]. In this study, 33 randomly chosen, clinically healthy subjects were utilized in a self control fashion. Data from MSA-21 and GDV devices were gathered before […]

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Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment

Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment

Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment and GDV Bioelectrography The patented method of treatment and prevention of the immunodeficiency (and therefore energy deficiency) organism’s state is the inhalation (aerosol) therapy of the aqueous solution of the 0.01-1.5% hydrogen peroxide. Patients received the inhalation therapy in weekly courses of 5-30 minutes during 1-6 months. At the beginning of the […]

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Bioelectrography and Surgery

BioelectrographyBioelectrography and SurgeryELECTROPHOTONIC ANALYSIS IN MEDICINEGDV-gramKorotkov’s imagesSurgery

Bioelectrography and Surgery For several years research project for evaluation of patients’ condition after surgery was conducted in Saint Petersburg Military Medical Academy. A lot of papers were published in Russian medical journals and two PhD in medicine were awarded. Two papers were published in English [Polushin et.al. 2004, 2009]. The main conclusions were as […]

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GDV and heart rate variability

ELECTROPHOTONIC ANALYSIS IN MEDICINEGas Discharge Visualization (GDV)GDVHeart Rate VariabilityHeart Rate Variability (HRV)

A correlation between GDV and heart rate variability measures GDV and heart rate variability This study [Cioca G, et.al. 2004] was an extension of the studies previously presented [Bundzen, 2002; Korotkov, 2002; Buyantseva, 2003]. The control subjects (n=24) from that study were volunteers from the State Medical Academy in Russia and were used for the […]

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Autistic children GDV analysis


Autistic children GDV analysis Similar approach was used for detecting heterogeneity and unique features in autism [Kostyuk N. et.al. 2009, 2010]. The autistic children in this study were previously diagnosed with mild autism and/or Asperger’s Syndrome. The age of the autistic children fell into a range of five to twelve years old, 9.3 being the […]

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Bioelectrography for Preventive Health Care

Bio-WellGas Discharge VisualizationGas Discharge Visualization (GDV)GDV Bio-WellGDV filterGDV-gramGDVCAMERAKorotkov’s images

Bioelectrographic Method for Preventive Health Care Bioelectrography for Preventive Health Care From the early stage of bioelectrography development it was demonstrated that this approach may be applied in medicine in two main directions:   Initial screening of patients which allows to detect mainorgans and systems of attention and direct patient to thenext, more detailed and […]

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Korotkov’s images, gender and age dependence

ELECTROPHOTONIC ANALYSIS IN MEDICINEgender and age dependenceKorotkov’s images

Electrophotonic Analysis in Medicine Korotkov’s images, gender and age dependence In several papers was demonstrated that there are significant statistical difference in GDV parameters between genders. As a whole energy parameters for women are higher compared with men. This may be illustrated by the graphs from [Polushin et al, 2009]. Fig. Gender difference in GDV […]

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Measuring Sacred Sites in Egypt by GDV

Bio-WellEgyptGreat PyramidMeasuring Sacred Sites in Egypt by GDVpyramidpyramid effects on humansThe Affect of the Great Pyramid

Measuring Sacred Sites in Egypt by GDV MEASURING THE INFLUENCE OF THE SACRED SITES’ ELECTROMAGNETICENERGY ON THE HUMAN BIOFIELD USING GDV TECHNOLOGY. AN OBSERVATIONAL STUDY IN EGYPT Moustafa Hassan www.EMClinic.ca – Canada Since ancient times, sacred sites have had a mysterious allure for billions of people around the world. Legends and contemporary reports tell of […]

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Ecology of consciousness

Consciousness StudiesEcology of consciousness

Ecology of consciousness Integration methods diagnostic informational influence in the work of the state structures Natalina  Litvinova A key element of government – is people. Population health is a priority issue of national security.  The project-“Ecology of consciousness” focused on the integration methods of diagnosis information on human exposure to the work of state structures. The […]

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aviation and space medicineGDV IN AEROSPACE STUDIESspace medicine

GDV IN AEROSPACE STUDIES PROSPECTS OF USING GAS DISCHARE VISUALISATION IN AEROSPACE STUDIES G. Maklakov, academician, professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences The Space Research and Technology Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences The report gives an overview of the GDV technology-based studies  in the field of aviation and space medicine conducted in the Space Research and Technology Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of […]

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GDV/EPI Papers published in 2016-2017

IUMAB Library IUMAB Library GDV/EPI Papers published in 2016-2017 From the time of the previous Congress several papers have been published. Herewith we present the list of published papers. Публикации 2016 – 2017 гг Со времени, прошедшего с прошлого Конгресhe list of papersса, у нас вышел целый ряд публикаций, использующих Био-Велл. Приводим их список. Банаян […]

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Water change Living System

distant influencenon local connectionnon local connection (NCE)WaterWater change Living SystemWater memoryWater Research

Water change Living System USAGE OF  INFORMATION PROPERTIES OF WATER FOR CHANGING THE LIVING SYSTEMS’ STATE  M.A.Andriyasheva, M.V.Damashkan, A.A.Tikhomirov, S.M.Prikhodko Since water is the main element of every living thing representing the information system of all Existence,  research into the results of information  impact on the state of various biological systems while transmitting information via […]

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Bio-WellBio-Well systeBio-Well systemBio-Well TechnologyElectrophotonic Imaging (EPI)EPIEPI DeviceGDVGDV FOR FOR SALT-SENSITIVE HYPERTENSIONHypertension

GDV FOR FOR SALT-SENSITIVE HYPERTENSION ELECTROPHOTONIC IMAGING AS A NONIVASIVE DIAGNOSTIC DEVICE FOR SALT-SENSITIVE HYPERTENSION:  A PROSEPCTIVE STUDY PROPOSAL Brennan Carrithers, M.S. – Biophotomics, LLC – [email protected] Hypertension ultimately leads to chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, renal disease, liver fibrosis, and exacerbates neurological or autoimmune conditions. The mainstay of monitoring one’s blood pressure (Korotkov’s […]

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Phytobiophysics and GDV Bio-Well

Bio-WellDiana MossopEndometriosisEndometriosis [Poly Cystic Ovaries]PhytobiophysicsPhytobiophysics and Bio-WellProf Diana MossopTetanus VaccinationThe Bio well GDV CameraZincZinc selenium CopperZinc selenium Copper and Germanium

Phytobiophysics and GDV Bio-Well Paper Presented by Prof Diana Mossop ENDOMETRIOSIS Combining Phytobiophysics and Bio well to investigate and treat Illnesses associated with Tetanus Vaccination and the links with Equine and Simian viruses.  The Bio well GDV Camera creates an effective diagnostic method to evaluate the complex symptoms of this condition whilst also validating the […]

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