Human Emotions Bioelectrography Research

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Human Emotions Bioelectrography Research Emotions Research Genetic determination of quantum-field Psychophysical and genetic determination of quantum-field level of the organism functioning Bundzen P.*, Korotkov K.**, Nazarov I.*, Rogozkin V.* Abstract The results of complex study of quantum-field, molecular-genetic and psychophysical levels of sportsmen’s organism functioning are presented. For 179 sportsmen parameters of GDV bioelectrography evoked … Read more

GDV Biocor effects

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GDV Biocor effects GDV BioCor for Bio-Well practitioners Low and Superlow devices on the GDVPLANET BIOCOR is a unique devic by Dr. Kozhemyakin that aids in shifting and correcting your energy state and balance through the use of high frequencies. This device can be used independently from BioWell or it can be used in conjunction with … Read more

International Arctic Forum

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Arctic – territory of dialogue International Arctic Forum The Fifth International Arctic Forum “Arctic – territory of dialogue” took place in St. Petersburg, on April 9-10. To the attention of guests and participants at the stand of the “Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping” was presented equipment manufactured by Biotechrogress – the … Read more

GDV Diagnosis Chart, GDV Maps, GDV Tables

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GDV Diagnosis Chart, GDV Maps, GDV Tables and Korotkov’s Images GDV Diagnosis Chart, GDV Maps, GDV Tables Dr. Peter Mandel Dr. Konstantin Korotkov Prof. Newton Milhomens GDV Diagnosis Chart IUMAB FORUM HERE: GDV Diagnosis Chart, GDV Maps, GDV Tables Order the Best GDV Course Now! GDV Diagnostics with Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov GDVCAMERA Bio-Well Video Course IUMAB Projects Kirlian … Read more