BIO-WELL distribution

BIO-WELL distribution

Dear Friends,

If you want to be a Distributor (Reseller) of Bio-Well techniques by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, first – you should have devices :). Second – use GDV techniques on your own practice. Today we have:




4. Human Light System Online Course

5. Human Light System Congress

BIO-COR – correction device of human energy field using information extracted fingers with BIO-WELL. These results may help to develop a better quality of life. Biocor uses super Hight Frequency (SHF) in the range Higo-Hertz (4.9 mm (60.12 HHz), 5.6 mm (53,53 HHz) and 7.1 mm (42.19 HHz) of very low intensity (less than 10 mW/cm2).

Price 450 EUR. Pre order will be today.
Biocor is absolutely safe for any type of patients of all ages.
Recommended Use: once a day, preferably before bedtime.

About GDV BIO-COR technologies see also: Low and Superlow (

You can order one by one or use our Special BIO-WELL Offers. We recommend IUMAB choice. This is BIO-WELL+GDV SPUTNIK (including GDV ACCESSORY PACK).

If you are ready to make order for several devices, please use BIO-WELL DEALER CONNECT. This is 5 BIO-WELL cameras with 20% discount.

If you want to make special order, please mail to We will send you invoice with discount.

With every BIO-WELL you will have 2 hours BIO-WELL training.

Prices are not including VAT and shipping costs. Delivery from EU, usually 🙂


We have special price for Schools and Universities

Light and Love!

We will have one contract for all our production lines from KOROTKOV:



The Biointernet School contact:



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  1. Giovanni La Malfa

    I would like prove the GDVITALIA camera Biowell before ta distributor. It is possibile? Is there in Italy someone that have bought it? Can you say the Price riserved for distributor? Tank you. Best regards. Dott. Giovanni La Malfa ( Aurum ).

  2. Mark Hoffman

    I would be interested in selling this. Please let me know the requirements. thank you

  3. Lenin Tinoco


    To concern: How can I buy the GDV Bio well system?

    Is it possible to see energy levels of water drops?

    Best Regards,

    Lenin Tinoco
    Panama city, Panama.

    1. Korotkov

      Dear Lenin, you can order BIO-WELL directly from our website GDV BIO-WELL SORE or we can send you invoice. Please mail to
      GDV water KIT we will have soon – special devices for GDV BIO-WELL instrument

  4. sonam dave


    good evening.

    we are planning to buy best aura reading machine from your company which can be measure aura as well as we can take pictures of spirit.

    pl suggest the best machine.

    This machine require in 4 quentity at india , ahmedabad and will bytake be use to anylyses aura for better health and also spirit picture will help us for tratment.

    sonam dave.



    Hello ..,

    I would like information about products and prices. In Turkey, I’m a clinical psychologist who works on alternative applications. If possible, I want to set price.



  6. Kandi KItich

    Hello I’m interested in buying the bio-well system as well as becoming distributor, can I have more information on this please,
    I’m a NES Therapist and would love to make a combination with this system also,
    thank you

  7. bill

    I am located in Canada. Would love to connect and chat about purchasing your products.
    Thanks in advance…
    Love and Light



    Hello, i”m Jorge Luiz, and I would Like to know if you have some contact in Brasil, São Paulo. I want know more about your product.

  9. Alka

    I m from India. I m interested in purchasing biowell camera. Can u send me detailed information about camera and it’s price also.

    1. Korotkov

      Please contact Dr. Krishna Madappa in India

  10. Nicholas Lim

    Hi I am from Singapore and am Interested to sell this.

  11. Shashank Agarwal


    We would like to introduce ourselves as a trading firm mainly dealing into Govt Colleges and Universities in India.

    We are having a current requirement of GDV Camera for our client. The details are:

    Item Name: GDV Camera with Accessories

    1. Bio-well GDV Camera and software system to measure & analyze the human energy field.
    2. Sputnik sensor and attachment system that affixes to the Bio-well device, to read the energy of an environment.
    3. Bio-well water sensor for the testing of water’s response to environment stimuli.
    4. Annual software subscription for two years.
    5. Warranty : 12 months
    6. Installation, demo, training to be provided at our client location

    Kindly send your best offer along with catalog.

    Looking forward to be associated with you.

    Best Regards
    Shashank Agarwal; +91-9599416424
    Ojas Enterprises, Delhi, India

  12. Sara Taylor

    Hi, please let me know Bio-well distributor in Houston TX,
    thanks and best regards,

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