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Bio-Well Reviews

Bio-Well and VivAlign Reviews

Dear friends, we would like to hear your opinion about GDVCAMERA Bio-Well 1.0Bio-Well 2.0 and VivAlign models. You may speak in your own language. Text, Audio, Video or what ever you want 🙂

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Bio-Well 2.0

Bio-Well 2.0

GDVCAMERA Bio-Well 2.0

The latest generation of Bio-Well GDV Camera, the 2.0 provides enhanced functionality and faster operation for the best user experience. The upgraded technology of the 2.0 allows for improved stability and a higher level of reproducibility, as well as manually-controlled device ventilation and exclusive access to new features currently in development for future releases of the Bio-Well software.

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Bio-Well Application Course


Bio-Well Application Course Announcement: Bio-Well GDV Camera 2.0 official launch 2018, March – May 1-2 times per week With Hesham Sami, Kirill Korotkov, Sergey Avdeev, Alexander Dvoryanchikov, Martina Hruba and Oleg Bazhenov IUMAB certification Bio-Well Application online course Welcome! Mail to seminar at IUMAB.org Main Topics of Bio-Well Application course: How to work with GDV/EPI Bio-Well device (Bio-Well workshops 1 and 2 levels) How … Read more


Bioelectrography/Electrophotonics Welcome to IUMAB! Electrophotonic Imaging Research: August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse, Research Report Bio-Well Sputnik Assessment of Changes in the Energy Field During the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse Research Report Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., and Harry Jabs, M.S. Institute for Frontier Science Oakland, California www.frontiersciences.org www.brubik.com [email protected] COMPLEX PARAMETERS OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL … Read more


Kirlian Photography

The History of Bioelectrography


Bio-Well Basic Level Training

Bio-Well device

Bio-Well Basic Level Training Dear BIO-WELL users, with your device you will have 2 hours Bio-Well Basic Level Training for free Please mail to [email protected] to order Time How the training looks like and what it includes: To ensure that the training is interactive, it will take place in form of online conference/call. The training will be in English (alternatively … Read more

The Bio-Well Online Training by Korotkov.TV

HLS Course

The Bio-Well Online Training by Korotkov.TV

How the training looks like and what it includes:

  1. Basic 2 hours online Bio-Well online training
  2. Calibration process
  3. Bio-Well Support Meeting on GDVPLANET – Shkolanie. Every Thursday. Welcome! Free for Bio-Well user.
  4. Bio-Well Training by Dr. Korotkov. Second Level.
  5. Bio-Well Analysis by Dr. Dvoryanchikov

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GDV Bio-Well Community

Bio-Well Community


Bio-Well Community
Bio-Well Community on The Biointernet Meditation

ForumArt Science and Technologies Forum KOROTKOV – http://korotkov.info/

BioWell Forum – http://korotkov.info/index.php?/forum/9-bio-well/

BioWell Facebook pageGDVCAMERA by Dr. Korotkov – https://www.facebook.com/GDVKorotkov

Facebook page of IUMAB – https://www.facebook.com/IUMAB

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Bio-Well products and services


Bio-Well products and services:

Bio-Well by Dr. Korotkov
Bio-Well by Dr. Korotkov

BIO-WELL – The product consists of a desktop camera and accompanying software, which allows a user to quickly and easily conduct human energy scans. 

More about BIO-WELL $1399

More about GDV Sputnik $349

More about Human Light System Online Course $1300

More about DrK books

More about Bio-Well +

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