COVID-19 notice

COVID-19 notice: Korotkov is closely following the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and working on our own response:

Files with Functions against Viruses

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Viruses and Immune system. Download Digital Healing from GDVPLANET for free

COVID-19 Maps & visuals

Viruses and Immune system

Download Healing from GDVPLANET for free

Infoceuticals, Translighters Digital and more Korotkov Mobile Technologies

Download Infoceuticals here:

1) Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) 30C Nosode

2) CoronaVirus PEMF (Short)

3) CoronaVirus 2.0 Complex

4) Another Coronavirus Complex

Download Translighters Digital Healing for free here

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More files will be added soon

Human Light System Online Course (1-3) available for free on Korotkov.TV online

Bioelectrography The Science about Light more

COVID-19 Maps & visuals

more from GDVPLANET

COVID-19 notice

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