GDVCAMERA PRO allows you to take GDV video HD real time and stills in full colour, in fantastic detail. Great for research. See what happens to the Kirlian corona as it is actually happening in real time! Many more experimental possibilities. The image can be enlarged if required, without loss of definition. Capture one frame or watch the movie. Ideal for direct analysis from screen and great for printing, posters and presentations.

GDVCAMERAS 1999-2012
GDV CAMERAS 1999-2012

Variable frequency selection
Variable power selection
Variable timer
Remote control start
Digital frequency and power displays
Negative/Positive polarity output option
Oscilloscope output socket
Soft start
Safety trip switch
Low voltage universal power input
Rechargeable battery option input
Earth input socket
Patented docking station
Real time computer digital capture

Specially designed photographic viewing plate allows daylight arrangement of subjects for remote digital capture. No need for darkroom facilities. Take your CAMERA anywhere with the minimum of fuss. High specifications allows for accurate repeatability built with the scientific researcher and the practitioner in mind.

GDVCAMERA PRO device Model out of Stock

GDV SOFTWARE will be available at the October 2012

Price: £3,900.00

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GDVCAMERA models of 2012:


GDVCAMERA COMPACT 2012 (soon available)

GDV Camera VIDEO  (Order Now)

GDV Camera MICRO (Order Now)

7 thoughts on “GDVCAMERA PRO”

  1. Hi,

    I have a few questions. Please could you answer the following …

    Can you please advise when both the GDVCAMERA PRO 2012 & GDVCAMERA COMPACT 2012, will be available?

    Please also advise what difference there is between both of these cameras?

    I have read that they film in real time, but what is the frame rate that the pictures displays/records at?

    Does it play fluently or is the movement of the person staggered?

    Please confirm the HD resolution?

    What format are the videos delivered in? e.g avi, mpg etc

    Do the cameras record sound also with the image or purely the image?

    What is the price tag on both cameras?

    Which one would be suitable or would you recommend if I were to be filming people in motion?

    Do you have any clips available that I can view much like a demo?

    Thanks in advance.

    Alex Dorrens

  2. Hello,

    I am interesting for GDV camera. I work with biotherapy. I also need your help and advice wich camera its good and best for me. I’d like to research, improve and practicing which biotherapy method is the best for diferents problems…

    I’d like to know how much is and if its posible to have some discount and fi you can send the machine to Slovenia – EU. I have my own website where i write all about health and i can promotion products. and also i prepare english wersion with adres

    Thank you and best regards!


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