GDVCAMERA by Ramiz Ragim Oglu 2001-2010

GDVCAMERAS 1999-2012

GDVCAMERA by Ramiz Ragim Oglu “GDVCAMERA by Ramiz Ragim Oglu” – series of devices developed by Dr. Korotkov‘s Team 2001-2010 See details here: History of GDVCAMERA A wide range of instruments makes it possible to use the GDV Techniques in various fields of human activities – medicine, professional sports and fitness, spa and various areas … Read more

GDVCAMERA Generations

GDVCAMERAS 1999-2012

GDVCAMERA Generations:

See also GDVCAMERA History

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GDVCAMERA PRO by DrK GDVCAMERA PRO allows you to take GDV video HD real time and stills in full colour, in fantastic detail. Great for research. See what happens to the Kirlian corona as it is actually happening in real time! Many more experimental possibilities. The image can be enlarged if required, without loss of definition. … Read more