GDV Camera Video is an optoelectronic device for registration dynamic energy field.

GDV Camera VideoGDV Camera VIDEO is an optoelectronic device for registration of crown image dynamics. By means of crownscope a person is included into a biofeedback contour through a computer. The current image reflecting the person’s psychophysiological state, or a crowngram, is displayed on the monitor screen. After several such sessions in front of the computer, the person learns to bring oneself to a steady state of quiet wakefulness and comfort using self-control skills, and then to extend that ability to the daily life.

Technical characteristics:

pulse frequencies – 992 Hz and 1984 Hz (double wide pulses of identical power, first pulse positive);
duration of a single pulse at generator output 100 microsec;
duration of luminescence registration – 2 sec;
weight – 1 kg;
dimensions – 140x190x60 mm;
stabilization of environment above an electrode; the device is equipped with a fan for residual gas removal from the electrode and the working space;
LED display.

Software in comlect set:


The software for registering dynamic GDV images from person’s fingers.


For person’s biofeedback with the energetic state of his/her organs.

«Energy state»

For visualizing of the person’s overall energetic state and quantitative estimation of state parameters.

«Energy centers»

Module of estimation of performance level parameters at the energetic centers of a person (chakras), for visualization and displacement estimation.

«Cosmoenergetic Channels»

For visualizing the zones of excessive emission and consumption of energy in person’s body. These data are used as a basis for recommendations regarding the influence of certain channels (the concept of cosmoenergetic and Jain channels) on specific organs or systems and for their convergence to an energetically balanced state, corresponding to a practically healthy person.

«Energy distribution»

The module of visualization of energy distribution across organs and systems of a human body and quantitative estimation of corresponding characteristics.

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 A complete set includes:

a GDV Camera VIDEO;
a network cord;
a USB cable;
an audio cable;
a cover sleeve;
a test object;
the instruction manual.

GDVCAMERA models of 2012:


GDVCAMERA COMPACT, 1800 EURO (soon available)

GDV Camera VIDEO,  4500 EURO (Order Now)

GDV Camera MICRO, 500 EURO (Order Now)

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